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I have no idea what to do about this?
Everything marina is talking about was said years ago to me in operson while we were still real life friends. And since then we are not friends and I haven’t seen her or spoken to her only on doary sites she comes and stalks me and tells lies that are not true.
I want this to stop but blocking her does no good because she keeps making different ids’

But this is what she just said and I have no intention of saying anything or even reacting.

serbianwoman ⋅ 23 minutes ago
Jodie This is Marina and I’m going to need you to listen to me one time only. I haven’t done fuck all to you and I’m going to need you and Victor to stop writing about me. What you are doing is spreading defamation. I haven’t done fuck all to you and Victor and I don’t need this noise from you anymore I tried to stay away from you because I can’t stand what you’re doing writing about my personal life that you had no business writing how do you think my mum would feel if she saw what you wrote. I will report you over and over and victor until you finally learn to leave me alone and to stop talking about me. I let you have your fun but I don’t need this noise you are being a bully you need to grow up jodie

serbianwoman ⋅ 20 minutes ago
Your words have impacted me and hurt me deeply but I guess you don’t give a fuck all about that you are not perfect Jodie you are not an adult come on here and slander me you are acting like a child you are truly attention seeking person. Write about yourself instead of worrying about what the fuck I do. This is my only time ill be reaching out to you and this is your only warning

serbianwoman ⋅ 9 minutes ago
You are truly a piece of work you don’t know how furious I am with you. If you write one more thing about me on here or talk to anybody about me and slander my name and personal matters I will report you and Victor for slander. I’m not fooling the fuck all around anymore. You need to let the past go Jodie you are not a kid anymore please leave me the fuck all alone. Piss off and stop your immaturity. I had enough of you. Get my name out of your mouth for good

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