baby shower in Hi This is Kat!

  • Oct. 1, 2023, 10:16 a.m.
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I spent the day at my DIL’s sister’s baby shower. I love her and she has been around our family since she was like 11 or 12… Plus I got to see my two sweet babies too :) Mom had Brooks a super hero out fit… We had no clue what is was and just thought it was a generic one.... Brooks saw the red and said is it a Spiderman suit and mom replied yeah sorta and Brooks looks at it and says no it’s ironman! I have watched the shows too but I was not smart enough to know the difference.

After the shower we went to Kelsey’s parents farm.... 800 acres of rolling corn fields. It is so pretty out there. I worry so much about Kelsey’s mother. She is extremely over weight and has diabetes uncontrolled… 7 years ago she had a bone broken in her foot and they could not repair it and almost removed the foot! she has had infection in the foot for 7 years!!!!!!! she also had one toe removed 7 years ago.... lately it has gotten worse and she was in the hospital but she told Kelsey very little but I gather her time is limited. :( She is not able to get out of a chair by herself any more :( It bothers me so many people in my life right now are struggling to survive issues caused by diabetes! After all I also have diabetes but like my doctor says controlled diabetes does not cause issues and mine is well controlled

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