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  • Sept. 22, 2023, 10:57 p.m.
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My best friend from 8th grade is coming to visit me from Florida! I am pretty excited as I have not seen her for 33 years! She was always a bubbly and happy! She was a rich girl and I was lower middle class. Her parents divorced when she was three and her mother was able to keep the house until Shayna was 18… then Shayna would get everything. He father was jewish and came from old money and moved to Vegas and married an actress… her mom remarried our 8th grade year and they moved to upper Indiana…
It was a huge modern ranch home on a nice lake. Shayna had her own huge suite which included large bedroom, bathroom and her very own rec room! She had her own sliding door in her bedroom that lead to a patio looking at the lake. Wow I was slightly jealous… and even more so when I went her and her mother to pick out furniture… she got to pick it out.

her previous home was pretty nice it was a cape cod a lot smaller than mine but on the first level there was one huge room living room and a dinning room. a small half bath and other half was a kitchen with a huge bay window over looking her pool… they never opened it because Shayna had to live with her father in the summer. There was a full basement that was Shaynas playroom… upstairs I think there were two bedrooms and two baths… her mother and turned the third bath into making her room extra big guessing each floor was like 700 sq ft. but it looked like a mansion to me.

She married in her early 20’s and divorced very shortly after because she could not deal with his children. After she moved to Florida she meet a married man and feel in love and continue an affair for 10 years… he finally divorced her and Shayna thought for sure they would get married. BUT within a few months he married another woman he was also having an affair with. Shayna was crushed but after a short time she continued their affair while he was married to 2nd wife!

a few months ago she ended the relationship. I am so happy she did as she is now 60 and never had kids or grandkids… both parents have died. she was an only child with a few cousins. I feel blessed that she is spending half her time in indiana with me!

I know this post is kinda all over the place but I am getting back to how I was sorta jealous but still happy for Shayna .... now I feel blessed to have 2 sons, 2 daughter in-laws, a husband, 2 grandsons, a mother, a sister and brother and nieces nephews...... of and JoJO! She only has 2 aunts and 4 cousins.... and she told me how she was always jealous of me.
funny… I would never had thought that.

Sleepy-Eyed John September 22, 2023

That's a shame she never had kids cuz she wanted the married guy.

theKat Sleepy-Eyed John ⋅ September 22, 2023

I agree! she wasted a lot of years on him

Jodie September 23, 2023

I hope you both have a blast...

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