Suicidal medicine adjustment, in Just Life

  • Sept. 14, 2023, 10:01 a.m.
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The Zoloft hasn’t been working for my depression. They are going to try me on Cymbalta. With Zoloft I felt the urge to kill myself but I didn’t pursue to because thank God I am still logical. He asked me if I needed committed I told him no. I can’t care for my schizophrenic mother if I am placed on the unit. Mom needs me. I am all she has left. My mom’s survival depends on me. She doesn’t want to go in a nursing home. I am trying my best to care for everything while secretly falling apart myself. Mom depends on me.

Yes my husband is here but he just wants to sit around and game. I beg him to help me he avoids it until I do it myself. He is currently asleep it’s almost 11 o’clock. The grass needs mowed. I got a feeling sleeping bear going wake up grumpy sorry hubby my job is never done.

I was told by my Dr they want to see if I have a pinched nerve in my neck. They want me to go to therapy to see if my numbness on the left side of my body improves. The left side of my body has been numb since 2021. My ministroke really messed up my brain.

I am so tired. I got to be up at 4 am in morning to get ready for work.. maybe tomorrow will be good for someone..idk.

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