Fighting thief's trying to get in mom's house and garage in Just Life

  • Sept. 7, 2023, 2:20 p.m.
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Dear Thief,Jokes on broke the lock on the security door yes but you didn’t anticipate a 8 inch solid metal bar across the back of the door. Dad may be passed in 2018 but his inventions still protect the house.. I don’t guarantee it will last forever but I appreciate how he still protects us from the grave! I will of course fix the lock and I will try to reinforce the door as well.

Thieves have been trying to get in dad’s garage. They can’t get in the security door,or the barred windows. They broke the top lock on the bay doors not anticipating the other security lock built into the floor. I got pissed off and nailed the bay door shut. The small combination lock is latched on the door to give them a false sense that they have a chance to break it and get in. I often see the numbers changed. They still try.

I am concerned with the front door at moms house. It’s solid oak but they have been trying to break into it. The door is scratched up and damaged. I need to figure out how to secure that door better. I might install a kick plate. I need longer screws installed into the lock so the lock won’t break as easily. Time to look up YouTube videos. Mom has a trail camera. I might install it in the window because until the house is cleaned I can’t install security system.

My mother in law is coming by today. I am going to talk to her about how to protect my mother’s house better..

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