No jealousy about my life in Just Life

  • Aug. 17, 2023, 6:49 a.m.
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I could never imagine anyone ever being jealous of me. My life sucks. I struggle from paycheck to paycheck. My fibromyalgia is so painful at times I can barely walk. My car is currently broken down my husband and I plan to fix it using a YouTube video. I don’t have expensive impressive items. I am cleaning and remodeling a house for free for my mom. Most people would have gave up on moms house by now. I have great cats and I don’t give up. I guess that’s admirable qualities. I am to embarrassed to discuss with other my life because I feel like I am just an inconvenience in most people’s lives. I am very proud of my cats. I love my cats more than people. I like graveyards..I am terrified of the living. The dead has never caused me any problems.. I feel like a non playable character on the videogame. I only exist to help the main characters story along but hey I love Halloween and my husband.

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