Cat abuser ask for kitten, another cat in a carriage,broke down car in Just Life

  • Aug. 17, 2023, 6:27 a.m.
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I gave Kevin a wonderful cat named Turtle last year. Kevin carried Turtle by her neck and treated her poorly when she nipped him when he tried to jerk her up from the back of a dresser. Tella my best friend told me her roommate Kevin was abusing my mother’s cat. When Kevin told me Turtle bit him I asked what did he do for her to feel the need to be protective. He said she is a monster. Funny when she was with me and mom she is the most loving and kind animal. Tella called me to come get Turtle from Kevin. Tella when I was picking up the cat proceeded to cuss him out and threaten to fist fight him because Tella knew I wanted to beat Kevin’s ass for hurting my mom’s cat.

Kevin told me come get the monster. As soon as Turtle realized it was me she curled up in my arms like a baby.. purred licked my face and nuzzles me. When I was talking to Kevin I sat on his bed Turtle purred and spun in circles making biscuits. Pam wanted to know why Turtle is affectionate with me and not her. I told her you got to treat Turtle like a baby instead of a monster. Pam and Kevin saw the side of Turtle I knew and was jealous she loved me so much.

Last year I took Turtle to moms. Shy her boyfriend cried for her and ran to her. Shy is feral. He has never bonded with humans even as a baby. She adores Turtle. He groomed her they got in a cuddle pile.

When I figured out Turtle is pregnant I was told by my mother in law Dee to get her baby aborted. I miscarried a baby earlier this year I am still recovering from my babies loss. I couldn’t do that to Turtle. One day I went into mom’s to clean to hear Turtle scream in pain and the dogs howl for me. Papa Shy was screaming.

I walk in and the dogs were helping Turtle clean up her baby. My moms dogs are natural midwives and helped her through the labor. They were helping clean her and her Siamese kitten up. I apologize to Shy and took Turtle and her baby to my house.

Turtle loves my house. We tried to give her and her kitten a baby a dog kennel to live in but they wanted a box to live in. We found a box and built her a safe space for her and her baby.

Why am I awake so early on my day off? Turtle ran across my home and knocked on my door begging for affection. I went baby to the box where her baby was and checked on him. The baby was born on International Cat Day. August 8. He has his eyes cracked but not completely open yet.

My 4 cats Ziggy,Harley Quinn,Coal and Ash has mixed reviews about our new guests and have some jealousy. They are slowly becoming friends.

Remember Kevin the man who abused Turtle last year? He had the audacity to try to get me to give him Turtles baby. I will keep Turtles baby before I will allow him to abuse another one of my animals intentionally. I will fight a bitch over any cat. Turtle deserves to feel safe in mother hood and deserves her baby. I plan to fix her after she weans the baby. I will keep the baby before Kevin is ever cruel to another cat affiliated to me or my mother.

So my started tore up on my car. I was stranded at the Dollar General across the street from my house. I thought maybe it was the battery so I walked up out my jumper box in my cat carriage and walked it over to the Dollar General. We tried to charge the battery to figure out it’s the starter. Talan walked back with me. He kept trying to turn it over. When we heard the clicks we knew. Talan decided do an oil change I deleted on the starter which I immediately regretted once we got it started we drove to mom’s and it died. He decided he would help me work on it tomorrow because he didn’t want to do it today. I was upset when he called Jude to drive us home.

My boss told me if I don’t have my car fixed by tomorrow that I am fired.She says I have no excuse. I have always been dependable never late. She just likes to make shit complicated. Mechanics said it will take a week before they can try to fix it. Today Pan is driving my husband and I to my mom’s house and my husband and I plan to try to fix this car with a YouTube video. I used to help daddy fix cars when I was a kid. My father has passed but his tools with me are never wasted. I am trying to fix his house,my car and my life with Dad’s tools. My husband knows I struggle sometimes but have some grasp how to repair cars. He was annoyed with me last night because instead of watching a movie with him I was watching YouTube repair videos learning how to fix my car. He told me I need to calm down. Honestly I am worried that I need my daddy and he isn’t here to help me. I will fix this damn car and make my daddy proud. God knows my husband doesn’t know how.

I took Ziggy to the park yesterday in his cat carriage because Ziggy likes being outside. Being a black cat he blends in with the strays in the neighborhood so I keep him close. Ziggy likes to swing on the baby swing. He was almost comfortable enough on the swing to sleep for a dog in a near by trailer to bark at Ziggy. I grabbed Ziggy before he could run off. I sat on a swing help Ziggy and gently swung him. Ziggy laid his head on my shoulder and purred. The owner of the dog told her dog to quit barking that it’s just the crazy cat lady taking her cat to play on the swings. She told the dog to mind his business and made him quiet down.

She is so used to me playing on the swings with my
cat now she doesn’t even blink. Other neighbors stare stop their cars and record me. I don’t give a damn my senior cat deserves happiness too. If riding him in a carriage and swinging him on a swing makes him happy then screw the opinions of others.

This cat saved my life after my miscarriage he pulled me out of a deep depression. I owe Ziggy my life. I will shatter so badly when Ziggy passes away. I have had him since 2014 and I love him dearly.

I guess I need to check if Talans clothes are dry and switch out loads. Today is going to be a long greasy and confusing day.

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