Fixed water leak, in Just Life

  • Aug. 5, 2023, 6:05 p.m.
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Yesterday I was going to mow the grass went in the basement to discover water pouring. Some of the t pipes busted. I quickly turned it off and while I waited for my husband my mom and I mowed the grass some. It was to late to get the supplies needed to fix the leak I called in for today so my husband and I could work on it.

My husband and I bought some sharkbites at Lowe’s. We had to buy some piping and a pipe cutter. We spent a lot of time removing wet insulation more than we spent fixing the pipe. My mom stayed in the air conditioned house while my husband and I fixed the leak.

My husband ended up being late for work because his work shirt got insulation on it and had to be washed. We did the best we could and bought a few extra sharkbites in case of future leaks.

While my husband was at work I went to mom’s and cleaned 2 bags of trash from my car. I was trying to motivate myself to clean more at moms but I was simply to tired.

I just took my muscle relaxer. It wont be long till I sleep. 4 am comes early..night.

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