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  • July 13, 2023, 1:08 a.m.
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My mom decides to wait till the last moment to pay her bills knowing all the money is spent and argues with me every other month. When she decides to pay bills most money is gone. She will wait 2 or 3 months pile up to complain how high the power bill is. So far she has turned off the water and trash at her house. She got upset when I wouldn’t let her turn the power off. I am trying to clean her hoarder house that she abandoned with no water or garbage service. She refuses to get her truck my brother stole so we can haul garbage. When I ask why it her bills cost to much she said she doesn’t know she doesn’t live here. She didn’t depend on us getting fed up. Not only is the trash and water being turned back on so we can clean but her bills are being put on autopay cause eff paying those bills. Mom thinks it’s a bad idea. I think I need a break and this would bring me less stress.

My mom is schizophrenic. Mom kept going on and on how I ignored her during her birthday to clean her hoarder house only to admit she had no idea that we were several days away still from her birthday still. She said I didn’t celebrate her birthday days before her birthday even happened. That if I didn’t celebrate I didn’t love her. I am already cleaning your hoarder house for free. I moved you into my house so you wouldn’t go to a home. I don’t think she realizes the power of love I have been running all her chores,cleaning her house. I am basically mom’s bitch with no benefits to myself.

Mom won’t even separate her stuff and clean her own house. Apparently that’s my job. When I ask her to help she weasels her way out of it. She says when she dies I can deal with it..thanks the hell of a lot. I am inheriting the mess she created.

My brother Tom who has been disinherited from the will because he is a thief has the audacity to inform me he would help he clean it as long as he gets what he thinks he is entitled to. I told him get his shit get out. His shit not steal moms. He keeps asking me if I plan to give him a four wheeler,a car or the house. He steals thousands to think he is entitled still. All the shit he demands is mom’s as long as she has a pulse yet Tom still tries to ignore the will and have his way..Tom is an asshole.

When I needed him to help me with mom after he stole thousands he abandoned her. He said his wife came first. Since his wife died he wants to play family. He trying to say he wants to steal more. He has no job.

Mom has a case of pink eye. We are taking her to the doctor in the morning for medicine. We are setting up autopay cause fuck paying bills.

Yesterday while my husband was at work I went to mom’s and bagged 9 bags of construction size bag garbage. Mom refuses to go cause she can’t face her mental breakdown trashed her house. I got overwhelmed and cried over my childhood home being this way. Someone said I should hire a stranger for $15 an hour to clean mom’s house. To think I been doing it for free.

Talan and I are calling in his mother to help us clean the mess. Dee is great at cleaning. We are paying for her a hotel room for a few days. Thank God for the hotel discount that I can’t afford to use for myself but I am going to use it for her so she has a nice place for Dee to sleep while she helps us clean up mom’s mess.

Yesterday Harley Quinn Talan’s favorite cat ran out the door at my house. I chased that little bitch in the dark over 3 hours around outside trying to catch her. I noticed my husband bawling like a baby that she got out. I kept telling him it would be ok but his cat running out was to much. While he cried inside I shook cat treats chased her around. While I was laying beside the car calling her Harley ran out from under the car. I walked in my husband tears became cries of joy when I gave him his cat back. My husband rarely cries but he loves his animals. As soon as we opened the door Harley Quinn tried to run again and was so upset that I caught her.

I am exhausted. I have been cleaning my mom’s house for free for over a year. It’s hard when you have to burn all garbage and deliver water to clean with by yourself. Here I am one person trying to clean years of damage. If is just to much.

I promise before dad’s death mom’s hoarding wouldn’t trash the home. Her mental illness made it difficult to deal with her and clean her house. When she lived there I try clean she trash it and fight Mr for throwing garbage away. Since she is medicated all she wants to do is eat peanut butter sandwiches, watch movies and sleep. Screw life I guess.

My entire life is dedicated to cleaning up after 68 year old mentally ill women..God help me.

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