Best friend ministroke, chasing dogs in Just Life

  • July 2, 2023, 10:29 p.m.
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After Ryan died I thought Tella couldn’t have it much harder. She was having a hard time after the loss of her son. Recently she told me she couldn’t swallow and was choking. I begged her over a week to go to the hospital. They think her medical condition is either her throat being abnormally small or she had a ministroke. She decided after she almost choked to death on boba it was time to get medical help. Tella has been in the hospital 2 or 3 days now. I don’t lie when I say I am really concerned for her.

I had a ministroke in August 2021. I still have shooting nerve pain, numbness on left of my body, migraines without blood pressure medication my blood pressure gets so high it almost hospitalizes me.

Today I was at moms with my husband. We had the dogs out. Lemon the cattle dog almost got off her leash after she broke her tracking device’s ring. My husband caught her before she ran off. Baby the rat terrier Chihuahua mix saw a stray German shepherd and ran after the dog. Baby who most of the time is good to stay around we gave him an opportunity to see if he would stick around. My husband and I drove down the road and picked up Baby. Baby was upset the German shepherd left him behind. We were worried the German shepherd would hurt Baby instead he didn’t have time to deal with baby and ran off. That dog hurt the feelings of baby. Obviously his ego is a lot bigger than his body.

My husband Talan asked me to teach him to ride a bike. He didn’t learn as a kid because as soon as he fell off the bike he quit. My husband weighs a little less than 400 pounds. He found it annoying that I suggested him finding a bike to support his weight. I will happily teach him to ride I just need a sturdy bike. Honest I think riding a bike would be good for his health.

I got to get up at 4 am. Guess I need to sleep.. night

Purple Dawn July 04, 2023

I think you can check bike weight ratings online?

MyCatZiggy Purple Dawn ⋅ July 04, 2023

I should be able to

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