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  • June 26, 2023, 5:24 a.m.
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My husband and I went to the Renaissance Fair with Emily,Jude and Pan. I was in a lot of pain from pms and I was trying not to cry because I didn’t want to lose my pink,purple and yellow contacts. I was drying my tears a little to see a woman dress as a fairy walk up. I greeted her. She told me I was beautiful she hopes I would have a nice day and gave me a small unicorn toy. She said I hope you feel better. This woman had no idea my favorite fantasy creatures is a unicorn. I know I wasn’t supposed to but I thanked the fairy for my present. When my husband noticed I left the fire breather show he walked up to me and asked me what’s in my hand. Like a small child I smile and told my husband the nice fairy gave me a unicorn. The unicorns name is Mavis and I plan to put her in my car to travel with me. That fairy made my entire day.

My friend Pan is an intelligent beautiful teacher aid who loves kids. I always have respected her and loved her since I met her. I noticed something adorable about her. When she is excited she flaps her hands. This stim calms her down when she gets overstimulated. Some people were staring at her for flapping her hands but I really enjoyed seeing her so delighted. As a person who suffers from depression I have to find my serotonin in a bottle. I really miss that level of happiness.

Emily and Jude were playing with the goats. When the goats roamed away I baa like a goat startling all the humans but creating a goat stampede. My friends busted out laughing. One goat kept trying to take Emily pickle she was eating. The goat finally kissed Emily and Emily caught no one looking and gave him a piece of her pickle. He really liked that. I recorded Emily and the goat sharing her pickle and I laughed so much.

My husband in the past was rude because he didn’t get the money he wanted at the Renaissance Fair. I gave him $40 and sent him on his way. He bought some food and mead. He drank almost an entire bottle of mead by himself. He was waking through the woods and due to his intoxication falling in the mud. He looked very serious screaming paint me like one of your french girls we busted out laughing. He was upset because I wouldn’t pay $80 for him a drinking horn even though he has a drinking horn at the house.

My husband knows my favorite tool is a blow dart gun. I wasn’t really interested in any games till the guy said if I hit a target I could win something. I picked up the blow dart. Out of 20 darts I hit 16 targets. My husband cheered me on several people stood around fascinated. Blow darts is my favorite toy in my spare time. I ended up winning a smoky quartz. The guy apologized it wasn’t more. He doesn’t know I love gemstones too. I was thrilled.

My husband went to talk with a meadery while I heard music playing. I wondered deeper to find Cast in Bronze. He plays the carillon. I never even knew what the tool was till that moment. His carillon was huge it had to be hauled on a flat bed. I bought some CDs from him. I hope to listen to his music in my car. I found Valkyrik at the Renaissance Fair in 2021. Valkyrik is my favorite band I hope maybe Cast In Bronze will be on my favorite list.

Out of everyone there my favorite person is The Headsman. He has torture devices you can play with and take pictures. I have a picture of my friends in the stockade while the headsman has a real ax above their heads. I have some pictures where it looks like he might cut off my friends heads.I took the opportunity to slide in a noose for pictures. I will never tell my friends at 13 that is how I attempted suicide after a bad depression. I didn’t fear the noose it was a familiar old friend. Will I hurt myself now? No! Pms does that for me. I don’t need to do it nature beats me up every month.

Today I was changing the garage lock because sadly I lost my key. I unscrewed the door I was going to take the nob off for the door to accidentally I shut. I kept screaming for my husband. My husband decided come check on me after the dogs began howling. My hero got me out of the garage. We luckily fixed the lock.

As you can tell we had a wonderful time. Due to me having to get up at 4 am for work I better get to sleep. Night.

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