Missed funeral,lost keys,he breaks everything in Just Life

  • June 23, 2023, 8:31 p.m.
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I ended up missing my sister in laws funeral over a lost set of keys. My husband and I realized the doors were unlocked so I laid down the seat climbed in the trunk and release the trunk no keys there. I was calmly looking for my husband to lose his temper he punched the wall throwing my clothes around. He destroyed the house demanded me to clean it. Each time he bitched and complained I laid down anything I had and gave him my undivided attention. He asked me why I quit cleaning. He was upset when I told him I know he needs attention for his tantrum. Act like a child be treated like one. I spent the rest of the afternoon getting cussed over over the condition of the house after he threw everything around. He got upset because I told him if he can create the mess he can clean it.

The next day when my husband got up he started destroying the house again looking for the keys. I walked out called my Aunt Diane. She took me I made 2 sets of keys. I made a house key for my house. Me and my Aunt had lunch at McDonald’s and she even talked to my mom while I programmed the keys for my car.

I asked my husband who knows how to pick locks if he could help me break into mom’s house. I thought he was ok he was picking the lock. Lost his temper kicked the door splitting the door. I pulled him back telling him unless he wants to install a new door today do not break the rest of that damn door. When we got in I asked him to help me get locks for moms door so we don’t have to break in again. He said he will just pick the lock each time he needs to get in. I was so frustrated I just wanted to clean up a little. He saw the tears in my eyes and got some epoxy to cover the crack. I was so frustrated. Do you not see the crack in that mother fuckers? It wouldnt be cracked if you didn’t play Wreck It Ralph. I have to now install a new door because my husband likes to break things. Thank God I got an extra door to hang up.

My husband kept wanting to break things I gave him a sling shot told him go play with cans instead he thought breaking glass bottles with a sling shot was a great idea. Everytime I screamed shot he popped another glass bottle. When he was me about to cry he shot tin cans instead.

He broke my blow dart gun by stepping on it. When I got upset he slid a credit card got in the garage and fixed it. I reminded him if he fixed the lock to mom’s garage he wouldn’t have to break in. I begged him to change the locks. He said it was my fault for losing the keys. My last blow dart tore up. I wanted to go to the store instead he carved and dart and shot it into the door leaving it there. I looked online for new darts while he shot things with the primitive dart he made. I got tired of talking let him act dumb.

We went home. He told me clean up his mess. I told him Wreck it Ralph maybe try to fix things for once.. I guess I need to order darts online. Talan is to busy breaking things to create.

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