Sis in law dead,brother tries take inheritance,tries steal another truck,broke and angry in Just Life

  • June 20, 2023, 10:08 p.m.
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I felt sorry for my brother because his wife Lesa died. Tomorrow is Lesas funeral so when he said he wanted to get the items he abandoned in the apartment mom owns years before I told him go get his things. I talked to him a bit. I was supposed to be cleaning up the garage instead I got my brother demanding his things and trying to hustle me out of my deceased dad’s things. He begged a mower and even though he abandoned the property years before he told me I should arrange him to inherit my mom’s property after she dies because it has a garage and he needs to repair things. I have been cleaning this hoarder property since mom’s mental breakdown last year. My brother abandoned my family but since his wife died he is trying to get mom’s pity to see what handouts he can hustle from the family.

Tom sold a yellow antique Chevy squarebody truck to my mother years ago. He demanded it back but expected not to pay for it. Tom turned around talked to my husband Talan and Talan asked when does Tom plan to return mom’s white Silverado he stole 3 years ago that mom hasn’t pressed charges about yet. Tom causally told Talan get a tow dolly now that Tom broke the white Silverado he doesn’t want it anymore. My brother got excited because a random man offered $500 for moms yellow antique truck. Tom was furious he couldn’t sell it because the truck doesn’t belong to him anymore.

I took the dogs for a walk. Tom dug through a storage building for his footlocker from college. In the storage building I saw a large solid red door. I asked Tom if there is any chance I can get it from him to install it on the front of mom’s house. He told me go for it. I am delighted because her old door has hairline fractures where thieves have been trying to break into her house. I hope I can fix that door. Paint it install a sturdy kick plate.

Tom bought a dog carriage years ago for his tiny dogs. He decided he abandoned it in moms garage years ago. I asked him if I can have it for my cats so I can take Ziggy and Coal on walks. He said he has no purpose for it anymore. He has no idea how excited I am. He doesn’t know I have been wanting a cat carriage for my senior cat Ziggy he enjoys walks but can’t walk long distances. I didn’t get my baby due to a miscarriage but at least I got my kitty’s a carriage to ride around in. Might be my only chance to be a mom.

My husband spent $100 for weed at Coalfield Cannibus,he bought alcohol and $100 in vitamins at GNC. He got mad at me because I fussed at him. He got angry with me for buying $100 groceries said it’s my fault that we can’t go to the Renaissance Fair. He volunteered to buy gas to remind me it’s my fault we can’t have nice things. He said he wanted to buy me something nice. I told him talk me to the park. I like hikes and pictures. He was furious complained over an hour. He wanting a drinking horn he now can’t afford even though he already owns a drinking horn.

I walk from work to see mom sipping on something. I asked her how many she had. She said one. I asked her how drunk is she.. my mom sat confused and announced I am drinking tea..I giggled a little um mom that’s a Twisted Tea. it has alcohol in it. Mom sputtering screamed I knew it tasted funny. She swore to me she didn’t know there’s alcohol in it. I told her she is grown enjoy her drink I am going to have a nap. My mom has been a non-drinker her entire life. I know for a fact she had no idea there is alcohol in it. I love when I pick drinks and she can’t taste the alcohol in them. Those Twisted Tea were intended for Talan but it won’t hurt mom to drink once in a rare while. I have been giggling since I got in the bedroom. That’s how you know it’s a good tasting drink. I hope she enjoys it. Mom deserves nice things.

Today I cleaned the litter box. My husband complained how I ruined everything by getting groceries. I asked my husband to help me. He demanded why I asked for a trash bag. I was worried I was going to drop the soiled litter liner if I tried to put it on the bag by myself. It was heavy and I am clumsy.

Marriage is such a lonely thing. Almost as much as a funeral. Tomorrow is my day off. I plan to work more on my deceased dad’s garage. I hope someday it will be good to work in.

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