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  • June 18, 2023, 10:32 p.m.
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Sometimes I forget mom has schizoeffective that causes her to struggle with basic life skills. Today mom wanted a peanut butter sandwich we suggested her a microwavable macaroni and cheese so I can take a nap to safely drive to the store. My husband woke me up an hour later telling me he had to teach her how to prepare the macaroni and cheese in the microwave she was to embarrassed to ask for help. She has her peanut butter and bread now as she asked. Sometimes I forget when she gets older I need to help her more. I love mom and I feel fortunate that Talan and I can help her. She is doing a lot better know than last year after she left the psych unit. My husband says he doesn’t like her being here I told him he has 2 choices get over it or leave. Idk which.

I went to pride with my best friend Tella. She is bisexual and I am a straight ally. I wore pink yellow purple contacts a tie dye dress and rhinestones around my eyes. A photographer asked me to be in a LGBTQ magazine she makes she wants me on the cover. I told her go for it. I don’t mind. I hope she has a good magazine this month.

I really wanted to go to the Renaissance Fair. I was so excited to start getting ready my husband said he changed his mind. I bought some groceries while he cooked ribs. I felt depressed so I went to bed. He fussed I spent to much on groceries. Funny I bought most of it for him and mom’s peanut butter and bread I bought extra of. He said he can’t go know because I spent the money he was going to go to the fair with.

I felt defeated at mom. I went to feed Baby and Lemon. I was greeted with kisses and cries of excitement. I pet them and told them how much I love them. They know how to cheer me up.

On Temu I bought me weighted exercise hula hoop. I plan to use it more often my husband saw me struggling to keep the spinning ball up and criticized me. He took my shirt off because he swore the hoop was jamming in my shirt. I hula hooped outside wearing a sport bra and a pair of tie dye skull capris on. A man stopped in the road mouth wide fascinated for some reason I demanded my shirt back from my husband and went inside. My husband told me consider it a compliment the man stared. I told my husband I felt uncomfortable exercising in a sports bra without a Tshirt over it. My husband said but you are beautiful I reminded him I am fat that’s why I bought the hula hoop to exercise with.
I got to get up and work at 5 am preparing breakfast at the hotel I need to rest.

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