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  • June 15, 2023, 11:39 p.m.
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My boss Becky has pmdd and pain pills wasn’t working. I felt bad for her so I pulled out the Coalfield Cannibus CBD 300 milligrams muscle rub out of my bag. I use it when I am pms so I can ease my pain so I can keep working. My boss put it on her back and within seconds she cried out in joy. She asked me why I use CBD muscle rub instead aspirin. I have ulcers in my stomach I try to avoid taking pills to the best of my ability. Becky was so excited she took pictures of my muscle rub and decided she is going to go to Coalfield Cannibus to buy some herself. She asked me why didn’t I tell her it works well with pms pain. I am not sure honestly. I know on days when I am on my feet a lot I put in on my feet to reduce swelling.

Today after work I was debating on weed eating mom’s property a bit more instead I decided it’s time to unravel. I bought balloons and target practiced with my blow dart gun. Where my darts are older they are bent. I was dissatisfied that they were so dull they wasnt popping the balloons.

I was hoping Walmart had blow darts. Sadly they didn’t. I found a sling shot and bbs. I bought thode. My dad used to let me play with my blow dart gun, sling shot and dad even got me a bb gun. When I got a bit older he taught me to shoot a gun. I play with blow dart guns,bb guns,sling shot and darts because it reminds me of parts of my childhood that was happy. I have been trying to sharpen my skills because I enjoy relaxing to focus on the target. I hope I can improve my skills and teach my friend so I had a target practice buddy.

I plan to go out tomorrow and try to find some blow darts. I think I know a place that has it.

My husband is asleep beside me. He has been gone for 2 days at his friends house. I was trying to convince him to go to Pride but he is working during that time. I am excited about the Renaissance Fair. Sadly I will have to drive to Lewisburg after work.

I am tired so I am going to bed.

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