Real life Peggy Bundy in Just Life

  • June 13, 2023, 2:09 a.m.
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I worked at the hotel 5 am to 12:30. Went home. I was sore and exhausted because cramps and 3 hours of sleep. I begged my husband to drive himself to work I helped him gather his clothes. After he went to work. First I took a nap than I put up a load of dishes washed a load of dishes. I washed and dried 2 loads of clothes. I even remember to wash my uniform.

I asked my husband to charge the battery for my stay Tuff mower yesterday. Towards dusk it was nice and cool. I mowed with my stay Tuff mower until the battery died. He forgot to charge the batteries. It wasn’t all the way dark yet so I pulled out my push reel mower. I am not ashamed to lick it old school. I mowed the grass till it was so dark I couldn’t see anymore. I didn’t get it all done but I got a large chunk of it. I will finish it tomorrow if weather is permitting.

More than likely my husband will come home from wotk and assume I do absolutely nothing. He normally says mom does all the chores. I let mom take the credit so I dont have to argue.. you think I am Peggy Bundy? Sure Al whatever you say!

I got to get up at 4 am to start getting ready for work. I dont have a day off till Friday and Saturday. God help me I am tired. I still have to run to mom’s..

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