in the bath in summer 2014 is a creepin' in.

  • Aug. 14, 2014, 12:48 a.m.
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And it ain't a reality check! I don't need a reality check after this week in which tally has been getting very stressed because she doesn't do transition, so this being my first week without childminding is not a good thing. Add to that, she loves having all my attention and hates change.

My attention is all on the sorting tasks and the living room is completely changing.

I've been as understanding as possible but when she beats the crap out of Lila, just out of frustration, it's really hard not to lose it. Now, of course, Lila has decided to kick back and throws one hell of a punch!! So they're both constantly in trouble this week!! It's a constantly downward spiral, I know this. The more I yell, the worse their behaviour. Once tomorrow's sale is done life should get better.

I hope.

Add to this, Lila had her three monthly hospital appointment for her eye as well as her annual appointment to see the consultant. Usually she sees someone who checks her vision and measures the scale of drift of her not-working-well eye. During her annual appointment she had to have eye drops to allow the consultant to see into her eyes. She hates the eye drops but is so brave, she never fights it.

The consultant has decided that she needs surgery to strengthen the eye muscles, therefore controlling the drift more. She said that it is mainly cosmetic but she's at the shallow end of many years at school and I do believe that avoiding avoidable reasons for bullying is a good thing. She's scheduled for around Christmas time. We'll find out nearer the time. And we've been given a website to read.

Today we're having a down day, I had to keep going until pretty late last night to make it happen. I had a drop off to do for a sale, one of the pieces of storage furniture. She doesn't have a car and lives about three miles from here so I said I'd do it for petrol money. I then came home and filled the car up with things for the sale and drove the six miles to toy library. I'd been told I could go before 7 or after 8.15 because of a line dancing group in the room. They were packing up when I left, and it turns out the lady running it knows one of my Spanish class friends! Seriously, it's a small town! Everyone knows everyone here!

I managed to get everything into the cupboard and I should be able to get the rest in the car tomorrow.

Today we're going to suburban west London to visit my sister.

Trampoline money now = £178.!

~Twinkle~ August 14, 2014

Good luck with the sale! Have a nice visit with your sister. Tom used to live in West London, where is your sis? X

Deleted user August 14, 2014

Are you actually in the bath when you write the in the bath entries?

Lis August 14, 2014

I bet you can't wait to fully have your house back! xx

thesunnyabyss August 14, 2014

oh I hate it when kids come to blows,

great job with the sales, woohoo!!

enjoy your day!

Deleted user August 14, 2014

Way to go!! Wohoo! :) Hope you had a good day today and I hope tomorrow you see all go! :)

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