Target practice,hoarder panic in Just Life

  • June 5, 2023, 7:01 a.m.
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Tella,Talan and I went to the range yesterday. Talan taught Tella how to shoot guns. I taught Tella how to shoot a blow dart gun. We took turns trying figure out how to throw throwing knives and throwing stars. Obviously we need a tutorial how to throw knives and throwing stars.

My husband is excellent with a gun. He kept hitting targets like a boss. I am like that with blow dart gun. My favorite childhood toy since the movie Jungle To Jungle came out.

We got drinks and food from the cooler. While Tella and I wondered around Plum Orchard trying to find a restroom my husband stayed and target practice. He said everyone stop shooting when they saw a mama and baby deer walk by the shooting range. They made sure they were safely out of the way because practicing more.

While Tella and I were trying to find the restroom Talan made friends with the other people target practicing. They took turns shooting Talans AR-15. He was teaching them the importance of gun safety and was giving them tips to better hit the target.

I really wanted to go take a walk around the lake but it started getting dark so we had to take Tella home. Before we took her home I went to mom’s. I went inside mom’s house for a moment to discover Tella and Talan did a impromptu picnic in the back on my car trunk. Talan had a sandwich made for me by the time I got there. I was so grateful.

Mom was out with her sisters at a graduation party. She played cards with her sisters and had dinner. She called me to check if we were having fun. I am so grateful mom got to go out and have fun since her schizo effective diagnosis she has hid in her room and refuse to come out. She has been living with us a year now since leaving the psych unit. She stays with us because she has difficulty safely cooking for herself. She sleeps a lot and loves binge watching TV shows on Netflix. Mom and Talans newest favorite show is The Crown.

My husband and I have been trying to rehabilitate the house she destroy with hoarding and her shizo effective. I have bagged over 20 bags of clothes out of her closet alone. I am still not done cleaning that closet.. Those clothes are from the 90s she hasnt worn one thing out of that closet since 2000. She called her sister crying about me throwing it away. Diane got mom clothes. Her closet is full at my house. Me cleaning her garbage at her house makes her panic but if I don’t clean it mom won’t. Diane suggest me have mom separate things. Diane doesn’t know mom refuses to help. If I try to explains mom’s hoarding panic everyone ignores me. I am not the bad guy for cleaning mom’s hoarder house!

I was late for work today. I overslept. I didn’t mean to. I didn’t get home till midnight last night..thank God Megan was at work cooking breakfast by the time I got there.

My husband has all the guns locked in a safe. Mom obviously is no longer allowed to have weapons. I love Latuda it gets rid of mom’s hallucinations if I could only convince her to help me clean her house.

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