Schizophrenic mother freaks,clean hoarder house in Just Life

  • June 4, 2023, 6:56 a.m.
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My mother cried to my Aunt Diane I threw all her clothes away. Mom lives at my house due to her schizophrenia she is no longer allowed to live alone. She trashed the house she was living in. I have bagged over 20 bags of clothes out of her closet alone at her old house. These clothes haven’t been used since the 90s. I found some outfits from the 70s they are covered in dust and tearing. My mom is upset because I am cleaning her hoarder house. She won’t clean it. I cannot wait till she passes away to deal with her garbage. I am not a bad daughter. I don’t want to take her phone away but I am tempted.. I hope she enjoys her new clothes. God knows she has so many. She is crying for attention from relatives who don’t care. They don’t visit they don’t help me clean mom’s house. They are only here to get on my damn nerves..want to be helpful help me clean up the life my mother left behind screw your judgement.

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