MRI for brain cyst,runaway pig in Just Life

  • May 16, 2023, 3:44 p.m.
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On Friday they are going to do an MRI on my brain to check how much bigger the cyst is in my brain. I have already had a cat scan. According to the cat scan it is over 1 inch big. Two years ago I had a ministroke. I had difficulty talking and walking. My current issues are short term memory,I forget words,blood pressure issues, and I keep a migraine headache 24/7. Where I hit my head when I fell having my stroke I have a knot the side of a marble on the scalp and a one inch cyst in my brain.

My husband wanting to take my car on Friday to go ghost hunting with his friends. Which means he planned to keep the car all day He got upset because my MRI messed up his plans. He thought I intentionally stopped him. The doctor told me the excess pressure could possibly pop the cyst in my brain and kill me. The doctor is doing an MRI to check if the cyst is ok.. I have had this cyst in my brain for over 2 years now. I told him ride with his friends have a good time ghost hunting. I will get the MRI by myself. He wanted to be at my appointment for emotional support I told him no I am good.

I keep migraines 24/7 pain pills don’t work and the migraines medicines the doctor prescribed doesn’t either. When it becomes to much I cover my eyes and sit in the dark till I feel better. Sometimes I wear sunglasses if things become to bright.

Yesterday my husband and I were doing to go to mom’s to clean some more. I was driving on a back road to discover a medium size pot bellied pig in the road. My husband pet her. I put on my 4 way flashers and tried to get her out of the road. We asked the neighbor if the pig was theirs. They said no. I posted on Facebook trying to find anyone who knows who this pig belongs to.

A dog ran up to the pig I told the owner get their dog the pig can hurt him. They didn’t listen until their dog nipped the pig. The pig charged him head butting the dog. The dog was stunned temporarily and took a moment to wake back up. The pig knocked him out and simply walked away. The owner of the dog didn’t find this as funny as I did.

I thought for sure the pig was from the nearby farm. My husband got the farmer. He confessed she wasn’t his but he will care for her until the owner finds her. Husband tried to put a cord around the pigs neck it spinning in circle screaming and nipped husband. The farmer called the farm hands. They used yard sticks to push the pig gently the direction she needed to go. She kept fighting them. Finally a muscular farm hand picked her up carrying her to his farm. The pig kept screaming and biting him. She didn’t like picked up. She nipped at everyone but me. On our walk she nuzzled me wanted petted. She is obviously a spoiled pig who loves food and affection. I told them obviously this pig has a female owner to bond with me so quickly.

I posted the pig on my facebook Tessa said she was her pig but she didn’t have a ride to pig up Penelope. I contacted Tessa’s father Brian and step mother Holly. I sent them pictures of Penelope and gave them the address where they could pick up their pig baby. Brian and Holly thanked me. Penelope is now home and safe. Penelope did give me a kiss so it’s worth it. Honestly besides Penelope getting upset and having hissy fits Penelope is very smart. I even saw her look both ways before crossing the street. My husband and I had fun. The entire neighborhood babysitting the pig till Holly and Brian could pick Penelope up.

It’s raining outside. My husband made brownies. I ate far to many. We have been having a peaceful afternoon.

Asenath Waite May 16, 2023

Yay for a good day, a good deed, and a happy pig. I really hope this whole cyst situation turns out well, too.

A Pedestrian Wandering May 16, 2023

Hope your MRI goes well.

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