Goldilocks and the 3 vacuums in Just Life

  • May 12, 2023, 5:21 a.m.
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Today I tested two vacuums on my mom’s hoarder house. The Hyper Tough 1.5 Gallon VH1053502 tried to use it. It wouldnt pick up anything bigger than a pill. Left a lot of mess left in the carpet. It was a let down I returned it.

I tried the Bissell Power Force Helix Bagless Upright Vacuum 2191. There was a hole in the box when I bought it. I took it home to discover it got broke on shipping. It couldn’t hold the suction because crack in the tank. When I went to pick it up with intention of dumping the contents from the tank the container busted and went all over the floor. I was so furious.

I took it back to Walmart tried to return it for them to say they were calling security to check the damage on the box in the secirity video. I looked the cashier in the eye told her it’s okay I will wait. The cashier ran back and forth for several minutes I stood at the service desk asking her any luck finding security? She called her manager and the manager agreed it was damage from shipping and gave me the money back. I thanked them both for helping me. I even gave them the receipt so they could check the time and which cashier ring me.. I wasn’t worried. I didn’t raise a stink I simply waited.

My last vacuum of the day is Hart 8 gallon 6 peak HP stainless wet dry vacuum VOC812SF 3701. I plan to test this one tomorrow and see if it can survive the mess. If you wish I can give details.

Today I didn’t get much accomplished at moms for trying to find a proper Vacuum. My husband burned the rest of the couch my father passed away on in 2018. He burned several trash bags.

I wish I could say all this cleaning part time and working full time was working out great but I know that’s a lie. I have been struggling. My husband criticized me for buying so many vacuums. I didn’t read reviews like I should have.. that is why this entry is a review. I figured if a vacuum can survive mom’s house I should suggest it to the entire world.

I got to go cook breakfast at the hotel at 5 in the morning I better get some sleep. I hope the last vacuum is just right so I can clean my mom’s house.

Asenath Waite May 12, 2023

What's on the floor that's bigger than a pill? Or maybe I don't really want to know.

The image of flaming sofa is dramatic. Was it hard at all, seeing it burn?

MyCatZiggy Asenath Waite ⋅ May 12, 2023

My mom didn't clean her house over 2 years because of her schizophrenia. Now that she is medicated me and my husband is battling her hoarder house. I know the vacuum broke because clumps of mud mom carried in on her shoes.

It made me sad to see the couch burn because it was my dad's favorite couch. I did cry a little because it was like losing dad all over again. I knew it had to go. My husband and I cut it up and threw it in the fire.. we can't hold on to the past.. the only direction is the future

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