Cleaning hoarder house,mom refusing to help in Just Life

  • May 11, 2023, 8:47 p.m.
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I have been battling mom’s house. She destroyed it because a shizophrenia episode around this time last year. Her hoarding destroyed the entire house. I have bagged over 30 bags of trash. At first my friends tried to help but it was simply to much.

I asked mom for help. She ignores my request. I asked her today for a vacuum to clean up the disgusting floor in her living room. She told me she didn’t want to buy a vacuum told me to fix the one at her house.. I do not have proper repair knowledge. She often forgets I am not my father. Dad was brilliant. Great mechanically he took great care of the house. Sadly dad died of a heart attack in 2018.. dad’s death triggered her schizophrenia. She refuses to fix her home. I want to fix this hoarder house and make it the home I remember.

My mother sits at home while my husband and I battle the tragedy that is her house. Last night we burned the couch my dad died on in 2018. Mom slept on it for a while to end up putting it on the covered porch to sit for years. Last night my husband and I took an ax and sledge hammer tore it up and simply burned it. Mom asked why I destroyed the ruined couch. I told her mom it’s time to let the past go. We are building for the future.

I am currently waiting for my husband’s clothes to be washed. My husband and I are going to clean the covered porch. Burn some bags of trash,vacuum the floors. We are determined to finish this house sometime this year.

My mom has been using Latuda. She has been good psychologically that is why we have been leaving at my house where she lives with me. She refuses to visit her house she isn’t willing to face dad isn’t there and the damage she inflicted. She needs to face this because someday long time down the road it will be clean enough to call home.

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