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  • May 8, 2023, 12:22 p.m.
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I have been remodeling my mom’s house off and on for about a year now. Where I work full-time I can only be there an hour or so each day. My husband came with me yesterday. He took care of the garbage while I bagged 6 industrial size bags out of my mom’s living room. I felt really accomplished. My husband was in shock when he say all I accomplished in a short time. As you can tell after dad’s death mom’s hoarding took over the house.

I had to get put on Zoloft because of depression. After I miscarried I was so sad I just gave up trying. I quit eating I quit cleaning I just cuddled a teddy bear and cried. I got put on the antidepressants because I was tired of my sadness getting in the way of my accomplishments.

I found dad’s craftsman tools. I need to remind myself to get a new battery and charger. Where people have been trying to break into mom’s house the door is scarred from them trying to break the door in. I am thinking of sanding it and staining it. I am also thinking of installing a kick plate to make things a bit more difficult.

This is going to be a short entry I got to get back to work.

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