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  • March 2, 2023, 3:49 p.m.
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Depends on your questions. I’ll let you know at the end of the survey.

What was the last food you ate?

Those little chocolate covered devil’s food cupcake with the chocolate cream piped into the center at the Publix bakery. My husband and I refer to them as “crack cakes”.

Do you sleep with socks on?

No, I sleep with my husband who is always wonderfully warm.

The worst physical pain you’ve ever felt?

When they moved me from the hospital gurney to the hospital bed after surgery.

Favorite place you have ever been to?

So many! Anything on the New England coastline, Tromso, Norway, Ward’s Island, Toronto, Canada.

How late did you stay up last night?

Midnight. I’m trying to do better. I’m not.

If you could move somewhere else, where would it be?


What is your favorite sport?

I don’t think I have one. I watch bits and pieces of Tampa Bucs and Tampa Lightning, but I don’t watch whole games and am not that interested in sports.

Who took your profile picture?


Favorite movie?

I don’t really do favorites. I don’t have a favorite kid, either.

What is your favorite season?

I like all seasons, but autumn is always extra welcome. That’s my birthday (send money).

If you could have any job what would it be?

Lottery Winner.

What was the last book you read?

It is actually a dissertation I’m reading on the illegitimate children born in Cape Ann, MA in the late 1800s and early 1900s (so far). Most mothers were serving women and most fathers were sailors. Many women who ran boarding houses were widows and they were a large percentage of such births, but most surprising to me was that while many pregnant girls ended up in the Poor House, very few were impregnated while in the Poor House.

If you could talk to ANYONE right now who would it be?

My middle son. I miss him. I want to tell him that it was his thyroid that was making him so erratic. I want to tell him he should have told me he was self-medicating.

Are you a good influence on others?

Durned if I know, to be honest. Some people hate me.

Does pineapple belong on a pizza?

Yep. Throw some ham and sausage on there, too, and don’t be stingy on the mozzarella.

You have the remote, what is on?

The coffee table, but to be honest, my husband has his own remote, too, on a side table by his chair. One remote (mine) changes channels better and the other (his) adjusts the sound better.

Favorite TV show?

Hmmm… “Ghosts”, I suppose.

What’s the last concert you went to?

Geez…BB King or the Rolling Stones

Favorite food?


Favorite scent to wear?

Daytime: Davidoff “Cool Water”. Light, with a soft scent of the beach mixed with lilac.
A Night on the town: “Opium”

Possible favorite song?

Tough choice! Too many favs, I think. “Garden Party”, “Halleluiah” Either by Cohen or kd lang, “Imagine”, I dunno…I’m sure there’s more.

Best board game?

Risk! But my ex-sis-in-law won’t play with me. She says I get scary when I begin to take over the world.

Band/artist you haven’t seen but would love to see?

Another impossible choice! kd lang, now that I’ve mentioned her, Springsteen, YoYo Ma, Lourde, Boston Pops

So, I return the first question. Yes, I can and did tell the truth. And thank you for not asking me the color of my underwear, my middle name, or other personal questions. As you can clearly see from my answers, I’m fascinating. LOL!

woman in the moon March 02, 2023

I wear socks to bed in the winter and then when I warm up I take them off. I love taking them off with my other foot. I wish I could put them back on that way.
I like your job. I think you would be a wise lottery winner.
I plan to send you some money someday.

ConnieK woman in the moon ⋅ March 02, 2023

I would build affordable housing with my lottery winnings. I'll wait patiently. :)

Ferret Mom March 02, 2023

If you want to see Springstein this summer he's playing Wrigley Field. Just sayin'. You could come out here. ;)

A Pedestrian Wandering March 02, 2023

I loved playing Risk with my brothers back in the day.

GypsyWynd March 02, 2023

With you on the lobstah. I didn't think of Yo-Yo Ma, but I'd love to see him, too.

a mote, floating March 04, 2023

I love sleeping in fleece socks in the winter.
I can't remember the last time I played a board game; it's been decades. I grew up in a Monopoly family.

ConnieK a mote, floating ⋅ March 04, 2023

I think I last played a board game in the 1980s. We had all the games from Chutes & Ladders to Monopoly, Clue, etc. Some games would go on for days.

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