eschatology in Book of Visions

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taking my stand
at the top of the slide
I glare at the line of children
chanting up at me

cry baby, cry baby, cry baby
cry baby, cry baby, cry baby

blue tears blur crimson rage
cry baby, cry baby, cry baby

the yellow-mouthed woman
has organized this attack
in retaliation for my outburst
towards a hay-haired miniature

demagogue and her pride of
speech-impaired lackeys
rendering them confused
floundering over one another

I rushed at them roaring
my outrage at their preemptive
ostracization - teeth bared,
hair disheveled from my nap

the man with the dirty shirt
and the angry stained woman
do not like
to hear more than one

child’s voice at the same time
my apex of volume violates
the agreement that only they
seem to ratify

when the acid tears come
stinging, sharp, affirming
they do not stop
even when the woman demands

there’s nothing to cry about!
just stop your crying, stop!
fine, I’ll give you something
to cry about


come here

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Deleted user February 08, 2023

Very well written, and a bit dark because it reminds me of events in my childhood, and in that it shows good writing. Salut!

Mistah_Kurtz_HeDead Deleted user ⋅ February 08, 2023

Thank you for reading, friend.

Deleted user Mistah_Kurtz_HeDead ⋅ February 08, 2023

I try to get out of my head as much as I can these days ;-) You are welcome!

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