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  • June 28, 2014, 8:08 a.m.
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  • Lila will turn six on Monday. She is more and more excited by this as every second goes by. Her party is tomorrow (Sunday) and we have booked a bouncy castle for the back garden. It isn't the usual firm so I hope nothing goes wrong! The usual firm were fully booked for this weekend...

Of course, hardly anyone has responded to the invites. It really pisses me off! I managed to catch two of the mums on Friday who both looked vague and said 'yes.' So I'm not totally expecting them... We do have five definites though...

  • I have been doing lots of maths sats tests, year six ones. I started with the level 3-5 which was really easy, so I tried the level 6. I did okay, but not as well, and when I went through it I understood where I went wrong so tonight I'm going to try a different past paper. It isn't common knowledge but I have a job interview on Wednesday, in a primary school. Part of the interview is a test that includes numeracy and literacy. I don't have too many worries regarding my literacy abilities but checking how I stand at the highest primary maths level seems like a good plan...

  • tally went on a school trip at the start of the week. It was an overnight trip which involved a hike in the dark. Yep, dark hiking two days after the solstice. So my beautiful eight year old, who still needs ten to eleven hours sleep a night, got seven hours. This was directly following our solstice camping weekend, where she didn't get huge quantities of sleep but we had much chillage.

We're still suffering the fallout and this morning was, I hope, the climax since we were all kicked, several times. We were screamed at, she hated us all and everything was stupid. When my daughter gets angry she does it with a certain panache and style that would probably land an adult in a police cell! We've let her veg in from of the telly this afternoon (they had swimming lessons this morning), just for recuperation. Especially as tomorrow will definitely involve a strop or two. Lila's birthday always causes a certain amount of jealousy...

  • I want to buy a pair of roller blades... but I want a 1930's cabinet Treadle sewing machine more. I'm trying not to get my hopes up about a job but, if I do get one, I will buy a Treadle machine as soon as I've got rid of all the childminding stuff...

  • I'm trying not to think beyond the interview.

ElvenAssassin June 28, 2014

::huge hugs and your choice of a calming beverage, whatever that needs to be at the time!::

Deleted user June 28, 2014

Hugs I hope tomorrow everyone gets to have fun, both Tally and Lila! <3

A sewing machine sounds like a lovely idea! I hope you are able to get it soon ;-)

Deleted user June 28, 2014

P.S. Night hiking rocks! Never done it, but it's in my to-do list!

~Twinkle~ June 28, 2014

Hugs! Xx Hope Lila and Tally have a great time tomorrow! Xx

Deleted user June 28, 2014

Sending you inner peace and a nice glass of wine.

Deleted user June 28, 2014

Jess had her little family bbq today -rain stopped just long enough for us to cook the food - yey! Hope Lila has a wonderful time tomorrow and monday (Jess says it's like having 2 birthdays hehe)

thesunnyabyss June 28, 2014

I hope tomorrow goes exceedingly well

and good luck again!!

Lis June 29, 2014

6!! How exciting! xx

January Child June 29, 2014

I really really hate when people don't rsvp... especially as it's so easy these days!!!! It's just rude.

*Bug Droppings* June 29, 2014

oooooooh, good luck on the job hunt and interview. It's exciting to dream other stuff. Me, I just can't wait to get internet again and watch tv. Sick of being broke! Wow 6 already. Enjoy the math! I have to relearn it every 8 years I delve into it. sigh...

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