June 26th. in summer 2014 is a creepin' in.

  • June 26, 2014, 5:01 p.m.
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This week has been... well, hard to find a good description! Rich and I realised that we would have every night together except Thursday (tonight) as he goes out on Thursdays. It was a nice, relaxing thought. Such a rarity.

On Tuesday night my friend (who I'm sure has been given a nickname here but I'm buggered if I can remember it), who is a single mum to a lovely 18 month old boy, phoned me and asked me to go over. You see, her little boy never just gets ill, he always does illness spectacularly. A cold will end up with him in hospital, and this time he had a virus which caused febrile convulsions. He'd been to hospital the night before because of it, and my friend had been informed (once more) by a health professional that she shouldn't be breastfeeding him any more nor cosleeping.

He had another convulsion on Tuesday night and she wanted me to come over and sit with her, then take her to A&E if we thought he needed it. I stayed until 1am, we monitored his temperature every ten to fifteen minutes and it gradually lowered until, after midnight, he started walking around quite happily.

Of course, on Wednesday I was absolutely knackered! I had about five hours sleep, I was working at the school and drank a coffee mid morning.

What? You're not sitting with your chin hanging open? Don't you understand? I don't drink caffeine! This was the only way get through the day...

That afternoon the year six kids put on their leavers play which I went to see and, half way through, I felt the last of the caffeine leave my body. My eyes started to droop and I had to stifle my first yawn. I left school at 2.30, picked up Lyf, Lila, Tally and bffn's kids and I'm not sure how I made it home. I threw fruit at the kids (not really, I washed it, cut it and put it out for them to eat) before collapsing with a bowl of nuts and a cup of lemon and ginger tea.

But they kept wanting things! Gits!

One by one, other peoples' kids left and I made sausage, mash and sweetcorn on the cob. We ate, I washed up and Rich and I put the girls to bed.

The girls were singing, it was 7.30 and I decided to lie down on my bed for a while before getting some pudding (dessert, and I was planning natural yogurt with honey).

I was aware of tally telling me that her head hurt, and me fobbing her off. Then the next thing I knew was that it was 5.30 in the morning and I ached! I had to touch myself with my hands to discover I was still dressed, albeit under the duvet!

It took me over three hours to wake up!!

My friend's little boy is on the mend now.

Deleted user June 26, 2014

Aww, I'm glad the lil' boy is okay! Well, as I said this morning, the weekend is in sight! I think you can indulge on sleeping a little more, if you still need it - You deserve it! Hugs

~Twinkle~ June 27, 2014

Glad he is ok xx

Lis June 27, 2014


*Bug Droppings* June 29, 2014

oh you're such a good friend. I'm glad the toddler is feeling better. 5 hours is a nap for me. lol.......

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