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  • Nov. 24, 2022, 2:34 p.m.
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So on the 27th of October I joined the gym again.
I had been avoiding the gym for the past few years, simply because I know I get addicted to things quite easily and in 2017 I was very much unhappily and unhealthily addicted to exercise and was often going without sleep or studying simply so that I could exercise more.
Anyway, husband was supportive of trying the gym again. My anxiety has been insane of late but after I completed a trial class there and OMG, it was the best after feeling I had felt in ages and the stress, relieved so nicely.
Since starting, I have attended the following days:
29/10. 5/11, 6/11, 7/11, 9/11, 12/11, 14/11, 15/11, 17/11, 18/11 (additional class), 19/11, 23/11, 24/11.
Although my weight hasn’t physically changed, or at least not that I can tell but feeling a bit of swelling in my hands, feet a lower limbs (over trained perhaps? Not all that sure).
Physically, my posture improved almost immediately.
Lower back pain reduced dramatically.
In terms of my (perceived) problem areas:
Weight: has continued to hover between 68kg-70kg
Waist - 85cm – now 83cm (+/- bloating/swelling)
Hips - 104cm – now 101cm (+/- bloating/swelling)
Widest part of thighs - 63cm – now 61cm (+/- swelling)
So in a month, even with my weight having stayed the same, my progress photos show huge postural differences and according to my husband, some nice, more shoulder definition coming out (not that I have huge or fat arms, but you know..)

Anyway, I had to take some time of work, which was a bit unplanned so there was a bit of a gap where my mood sort of deflated and just stayed in bed and moped around the house.
Now that things are moving a bit better, I am actively looking for a role that is a little more flexible and hopefully closer to home, which would certainly be helpful for time management and the wallet with the petrol prices going back up again.

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