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Do you think the more money you have the happier you are? I would much rather have the money i have right now because everything I want and need I can get or have and any more money would put me in a different tax bracket and then I would have to pay more and the refund I get would be no more.
Don’t get me wrong I don’t mind payiong my fair share and I always would but just knowing how expenses are going to be going all I know is that the more money I have the more miserable I would be.
Here is a question for you? What if you had to go on wealfare because you couldn’t work anymore? What would you do? Find something to do? Open your own busines or a different business? live off of your retirement? or pray that some higher power would give you what you want and need? or you think you would have more luck winning the lottery? or maybe getting struck by lightining? I have herad that getting struck by lighting is more probabale then willing the lottery. But then you have to waste your money on the lottery and that is only a maybe you would win the jackpot.
The one thing I really don’t like is how some people always tell me they can’t afford this or that and that is fine. But then when they want a new car or to remodle their homes or want a new pet they seem to have the money for that but when they have other responsibilites like maintaining a rental place they always complain that there is no money to replace it or get someone who actually knows what they are doing to fix things and then to make themselves feel better they say “They don’t care and they are not going to be puting anymore money into the rental”
Then my question is why are you a landlord if you don’t care about your renters? What is it it? they are considered poorer then you are because they rent and you own? And then you complain about how much taxes you have to pay and how you can’t afford this or that. here is a question? If there is no money to fix things so they are up to standard then what the hell are you doing with all that rent money from the renters? Where is that money going? And as far as paying the txes then that money from the renters is being used for that? Well that is wrong. That mioney is to be used to maintain and fix the rental unit. People who own homes should have enough money to pay the taxes and their other bills from the money they work for or if they are retired use the money they get from their retirement? I just can’t understand why people have big expenses if they are going to cheat people and the governemnt.
My landlady told me if the rental people ever contacted her because I have complained she will eveict me. She said all she has to do is give me three months notice and I am gone. But what she doesn’t know is I am not going to be cleaning this place when I do leave and depending on what hasn’t been fixed I will be telling the rental people and then hopefully they will take away her privilage to rent and get that extra money to go on her trips or to take expensive holidays or do anything else.... But I do know what she won’t fix will have to be fixed because it will be rotted and the next people won’t want to live here because of the smell so either way she will have to either sell the house or get a drug addict living here who won’t pay rent on time.
I like to think that I am one of the better renters because when ever something needs to be fixed I tell her and I always pay my rent ahead of time with a post dated check. And I have decided that I am not going to change for anyone and if they think I am rude when I say some things then too bad because I did try to be nice about it but then I got either no reaction or a “I don’t care” and once I get that then I know how to behave. And she says because of my behaviour she will not let me sign a lease and it’s month to month and I told her that is fine but forget about anything you ask me to do like mow the grass or sweep my outside or the laundry room for that matter or even clean the fridge or stove because these things don’t belong to me and I am not responsible for them…as far as I am concerned is they can be repalced every 5 or 10 years. All I know is that when I move out of here it will be months before this place can be rented out again and all she will have to fix it is the damage deosit she got from hubby’s mother which isn’t much so it will be intersting to see what will get fixed and what the new renters say. I bet no one will rent this place if there is a musty smell and or mold and water damage…

Onto something else…

Yesterday I wrapped all the gifts I am going to be giving so all that is left is hubby has to wrap mine. But I have a feeling I will be wrapping them because his wrapping is really bad.
And then I will be looking for dinner for the holidays. This year I am not going to be doing any baking because hubby is not eating many carbs so that is one less thing I need to do. But I would like to make sure I have a lot of fruit here and low carb options.

Onto something else…

I am thinking either pork chops or prawns I like both of them so I will ask hubby when he wakes up.
And not much is happing to day it’s just going to be a nice quiet day and maybe whatching some hockey.
So what do you think about the Gray Cup game? Did your team win? And what did you think of the half time show? I wanted the Bombers to win but they last by one point. Oh well there is always next year.

Well I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Be Nice.

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theKat 5 days ago

I feel people are happier with more money as they do not struggle to pay bills and can buy what they need or want. you might go up a tax bracket if you earned a lot more... but trust me, I pay a lot of taxes but it does not put a dent in my account. but I am not talking about 100 more a week... but if you made 6 or 7 figures your life would be easier

theKat 5 days ago

we will never go on welfare because neither of us work. we can live of the interest our money makes. one day... I am going to surprise you and give you enough to change your life too.

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