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  • Nov. 8, 2022, 1 a.m.
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Pay one of your bills or your rent or your mortgauge? This morning I couldn’t remeber for the life of me if I over spent and my rent bounced likea big rubber ball. But then I looked at my bank acount and it did go through so I didn’t over spend. But if I ever did spend too much money I would still be okay and my rent would go through because I have a over draft. I don’t like using it and I haven’t used it in many years because the interest is really high. But when i don’t pay attention to my bank account and I forget what hasn’t gone through then I have that as a back up and it has saved me at least once since I have had it.

Onto something else…

I did another on line grocery shop and the thwo things I really wanted were sold out so I didn’t get them with my order. This is now twice at least and I will keep trying. I hope I can find them at another store. I will be going on Thurday to get hubby’s perscriptions so I will look there. And I will be going to the dollar store to see if they have my calander for 2023.

Onto something else…

I did do some laundry yesterday and I also cleaned the counter tops and did the drawer on the kitchet so now I have the stove and the cupboards and organizing the inside of the cupboards and to clean the inside of the microwave and then wash the kitchen floor. And then the rest of the rooms. I figure I should be all done before the holidays.

Onto something else…

I was talking to my mom yesterday and told her about the e-mails I sent to the landlady and read them to her and she told me they are no rude sounding they are factual and to the point so the land lady is full of shit. I always have known that I am not a rude person when it comes to written communication. I like to get to the point and state the facts and I am sure that everyone else in this world is like that. When it’s a business relationship there is no need to pussy foot around and ask how people are before the actual reason is being said. So I will be telling her that is the way I am and she just has to accept it because I am not going to change. By the way the heat thing she said she was going to change and the fixing of the dishwasher still isn’t done. She said after the rain she would come and do it and for the last two days it’s been sunny out so I am not sure why it hasn’t been done. And I would rather the furnice be turned off when it’s sunny then when it gets a lot colder.
But the landlady told me she isn’t fixing things because of the mess I have here and I haven’t cleaned so I figure I will do that and then she will have to fix these things once and for all.
The thing with the dishe=washer is that the counter top is not sealed so there is huge cracks wherre it needs to be sealed and ever once in a while water get in there so it could end up being moldy and that I don’t care and it’s not my fault because I told her to fix it more then a year ago. And the straps have to be put in place so the dish washer doesn’t move when it’s opened.
But the good thing is the land lady is going to be taking a trip with her truck and trailer sometime in the winter and when she does I will be lighting my scented candles because I really mioss them and they give me a sense of comfort and because she is so afraid of fire she won’t let me use them. You know everything she told me to do to make the electricty not so high I have done. And for the most part I really can’t afford to get these things. Like the led light bubls and using cold water and not cleaning the washing tub or using the sanitize cycle. But I am still using the sanitze cycle for some things because of what is on them.

Onto something else…

The one thing about this basement is that there is a lot of dust and a lot of cob webs and creepy crawlies and I don’t like that.
I think anything that was done was done back in 2008 and nothing else. This place needs to be painted and the floor fixed and it would be nice to get appliences that are not used and actually have a warenty on them and actually work like they are suppose to. And I have been told that the damage deposit won’t be given to us because I figure because of the floor that had nothing to do with me.
And I have a feeling I won’t ever be paying any electricity because I have decided that I need to be added to her account and get a bill sent to me and I need to also be able to call the company if something should happen and she won’t do that. The reason I know she can’t is because there is only one furnice here and I don’t have any control of the heat so she will be stuck with the bill. And I wish she would just get rid of her internet so I can get a comany I can trust and I can have control with and get things fixed or ask what is wrong and maybe if need be have someone come out here to fix it.
The land lady complains so much of how things and services are so expensive and how she is struggling. But like I told her 7 years ago add our names to these bills and let us sign a new lease and include what you are having trouble paying. But she won’t do that because she is more of a control freak then I am.
Like with me whatever service i have I make sure hubby can also call the comany so he can get things fixed because I m not always here and stuff does happen.

Onto something else…

So how did the elections go yesterday? Did your guy win? And is the house and the senet still the same? From what I saw it looks like the republicans won. I just hope Biden will be able to get things passed so he can do his job and the people will be happy.

Anyways…I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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theKat November 09, 2022

legally she cannot amend a lease unless you sign it. but she can evict you or make your life hell.
thankful our home is paid off... most of our bill are just automatically taken from our checking account

Jodie theKat ⋅ November 09, 2022

Actually I have figured out a way where I won't have to pay anything more except for maybe another 2% for my rent increase which is the law....and I won't be signing anything that is more money.

Beret November 09, 2022

My bills are all set up to auto-pay from my bank account. Therefore, I never have to remember to pay them.

Can't you find anywhere else to live? It really sounds like an unhealthy place to be living. Sometimes cheap is not worth the overall cost.

Jodie Beret ⋅ November 09, 2022

I know but she is now saying because my home isn't as clean as hers and I leave things for a lot longer she won't fix things....

Anaiss November 09, 2022

Your home not being as clean as she wants it to be is no excuse for her not making necessary repairs. I know that money is a consideration but it seems like finding another place to live should be your top priority. In almost every entry, you write about issues with the home and the landlady that sound illegal and irresponsible on her part, not to mention it sounds like pretty unhappy and unhealthy living conditions.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ November 09, 2022

well what I am dong is slowly cleaning this place till I think it's good enough and then if she doesn't fix things then I will be calling the city and someone to look at the mold and the musty smell plus whatever they say she will have to do and I will be moving to somewhere else....But her thing is she is going to do all this work herself...(she is in her late 70's) and I think she should be hireing someone who actually knows what they are doing and will fix it right the first time. Like with the laundry room wall she will have to rebuild the wall to make sure all the rot is gone but she won't do that because it costs too much. But in the end it's a lot cheaper and will last longer. I don't know much about fixing stuff but i do know when something needs to be replaced.

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