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  • Nov. 3, 2022, 3 a.m.
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I have been sitting here for about 30 minutes and I have no idea what to say here so maybe this is a good time to be all over the place and just say what I want? But then everything won’t make much sense. But here I go..let’s see how this goes.
I finally got some laundry done so yea me. I am thinking I should get the rest of it done so the floor has nothing on it? I have found that when it’s time to clean my blankets especailly the wool ones I just put them in the dryer and that seems to clean them better. Because some blankets can’t be washed and I am not about to send them to the dry cleaners every season.

Onto something else…

Hubby said he wants me to order some of what I want for the holidays from Amazon so once he has a look to see what I want and there are some other things that he wants so he said order them. But I want him to have a look at it so he knows how much he is spending.
So sometime this weekend he will have a look.
Hubby use to do all his holiday shopping on the 24th of December and I told him never again because then it never gets wraped in paper. So since he has been with me he starts to think about what to get people in November so he usually has everything he wants to give by the start of December so I have taught him well.

Onto something else…
My son is getting a bed frame for his mattress today and he will have to build it because it comes from Ikea. But then no matter where you get most furniture you have to build. Unless you want to pay for it to come built. And then my son wants to get a dresser and a table and some folding chairs but I don’t think that will be till next year. He is in for a big surprise for the dresser because they are expensive but I think he will find what he can afford. And yesterday my son went to see “Black Adam” with the rock so I am not sure what he thought of it. I told him it didn’t have great reviews but everyone who has seen it said it was really good.

Onto something else…
Dinner last night was really good I made a new prawns dish and it’s going to be a repeat and it’s really easy to do.
This is what it looks like....

And tonight I am thinking something with ground beef.

Onto something else…

Hubby and I have been following the Low Glycemic way of eating....


And if you think about it it’s the perfect way to loose weight and it’s something that Weight Watchers promotes but you need to heat the lower glycemic foods to have any benifit. So far it’s pretty easy because we both like the lower things and I just have to do a bit better for protion control, but I will master that also.

Onto something else…
Well, I need to stop here…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

Last updated November 03, 2022

Anaiss November 03, 2022

When I was a kid my dad would always wait until Dec. 24th to shop for my mom. Us kids would go with him. I can't imagine buying my own gifts. I like to be surprised! In our family we do give each other "wish lists" which are helpful but I like to try to get my family things that aren't on their list so they'll really be surprised. I hope you will be getting some nice gifts and have an enjoyable Christmas. A bed frame isn't too hard to assemble.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ November 03, 2022

Did your dad spend more money on your mom so she wouldn't get so pissed off that it was so late? And who wrapped the present?

Anaiss Jodie ⋅ November 03, 2022

I doubt he spent more than he would have otherwise. It wasn't late. It was under the tree for Christmas morning. He wrapped he gift and put it under the tree on Christmas Eve. In plenty of time.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ November 03, 2022

I hope you will have a great holiday season....and you get everything you want.

theKat November 04, 2022

I will do 90% of my shopping on amazon. I have Kelsey's and brooks finished all but the little small gifts.

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