Darcy0207 from OD June 22, 2014

Beautiful day! I still have trouble with June 21 being "midsummer". It's the first day, how is it "mid"? I never could figure that out.

ermentrude Darcy0207 from OD ⋅ June 22, 2014

Because it's based on the pagan calendar rather than the Christian calendar :-) x

Darcy0207 from OD ermentrude ⋅ June 22, 2014

It's still not the middle of the summer, but when the day is the longest... Scratch most of the Christian calendar, and you'll get a pagan holiday. And the solstice is not a Christian holiday at all, come to think of it.

ermentrude Darcy0207 from OD ⋅ June 23, 2014

Yes, the solstice is definitely pagan. Rich and I always celebrate it somewhere, we've spent the night on Glastonbury Tor a couple of times. Although June is considered the beginning of summer on the Christian calendar, in England (where a lot of this occurred) June is usually our warmest month. So I guess it really is midsummer in the farming season. Planting occurs in February/March/April and harvest is the end of August and September. X

Deleted user June 22, 2014

Oh my God, look at that sky! So, so jealous!

Sounds like a lovely weekend, may the others be as good or even better! :-)

Life Is For Living June 22, 2014

I absolutely love music festivals -- camping music festivals are such an experience. Looks like you all had a great time & gorgeous weather!

thesunnyabyss June 22, 2014

sigh, that looks perfect, I'm so glad you had this weekend!


~Twinkle~ June 23, 2014

Amazing! I want a pancake now xx

edna million June 23, 2014

What gorgeous views! That looks like so much fun. And nutella pancakes... yum!

Lis June 23, 2014

I want some crepes, now! We have some chocolate almond spread that would be delicious in them! Too bad we used the rest of our strawberries making icecream, or that would be super tasty with it, too! xx

Deleted user June 24, 2014

Maybe the kites wanted a nutella sandwich? ;-)

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