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  • Nov. 1, 2022, 2 a.m.
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Hubby went for his assesment yesterday with a dietition and was told he has to eat less carbs and more protien and vegetables and fruit. So I need to learn the good stuff and read more lables. We have sort of strted this but we need to make it a part of our lives now. I just hope I can learn all of this quickly. There really is nothing forbidin but it’s not recomended like brown bread. It has to be whole wheat and the darker the better except for rye. And as far as rice goes the converted white rice is bbetter then the regular white rice because of the way it’s processed and made. Brown rice I am not so sure about. And pasta is okay but the portion has to be controlled. The only thing to stay aways from is anything that is high in sugar or carbs that are more then 75 grams a day.
Is there anyone here at PB who has their good cholesterol low? How did you raise it to be “normal”
There is also the low Glycemic index which we will be following also.
I am kinda of looking forward to eating better and soon I will not be eating chips and candy in bed.

Onto something else....

So today is back to work and I get to go to the ear doctor so I can hear again and to find out how much worse my hearing is. And then I will come home and do my domestic duties.
And as for dinner I will be asking hubby what he wants and he will tell me especially when it comes to the carbs. The one thing I do have a lot of is protien and vegetables so that is a good thing. I have mostly frozen and canned vegetables not so much of the frsh vegetables. It’s I just don’t get a lot of fresh vegetables because they turn into science experiments more often then not because I foget I have them.

Onto something else....

I told hubby to look at what I want for the holidays so he can decide what to get me. I know I won’t be getting everything but at least I will be getting what I want. And what he doesn’t get me I will get myself.
Sometime really soon I will be wrapping all of the gifts I have for others and I will have to remeber to write their names on them so they go to the right person. And I also have to start looking for a ham I want for dinner for the holidays. If the store I am going to go to has the ham I want I can get it for free, well sort of free…I will have to use my points but still it’s no cash out of my pocket.
I am starting to get into the holiday spirtit so to speak and I am thinking this will be a good holiday. My son will be staying for a few days so it will be nice to actually talk to someone other then myself.

Well, I need to stop here and get ready for my day…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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