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  • Sept. 22, 2022, 8:06 p.m.
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It has been dreary as shit here. It rained for two days, the stopped raining yesterday – but stayed overcast. Then it rained all day today.

The only things I accomplished were:
1. Coffee
2. A text to Steve to figure out what version of OnePlan and MS Office we use (2019)
3. Ordered $200 worth of reference books.
4. Took a nap.
5. Watched TV (I absolutely love Deadliest catch!)

Didn’t leave the house.

I am chomping at the bit to get started.

I’ll call HR tomorrow, even though it is a bit early. Just to find out where in the process the offer is…

A few months ago, I gave away all of my weights.

Now I wish I had kept the 25, 35 and 45# dumbbells.

Strangely hard to find around here. I loath Dick’s Sporting Goods since they went coward and stopped selling firearm related products. In fact I have boycotted them and I hope they go down in flames.

But they are they last place to look for dumbbells.

Jinn September 22, 2022

If you have prime for Amazon you could check there .

gattaca September 24, 2022

Coffee is without doubt the one thing I accomplish without fail, every day.
The rest is kind of catch-as-catch-can.
My excuse is that I'm old. ☕️

Duke gattaca ⋅ September 24, 2022

I mostly use the Keurig, after years of throwing away a half pot of coffee a day. Heading back to the office, I might need to get a thermos, and bust out the Kitchenaid coffee pot, it has a timer. Nothing like waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee.

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