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  • Sept. 20, 2022, 3 a.m.
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I have decided that if the things around here are not getting fixed in a timely manner then I just don’t care if they break more or get more damaged from mold or other things. Why should I try to keep this place looking nice if I have to look at broken things everyday. Or things that don’t work like they should. Like my bathroom door close shut or my dishwasher be more stable because it’s not secure and the strap to hold it isn’t in place or the counter not loose because there is no calking. And the fan I have for the water spots that under my floor is not strong enough. I need something that is more industrial like so it will dry and get rid of the spots better and that the air can go a farther distance. because where the fan is now is the only plug I have. And it’s not safe to be near hubby’s bedroom door because the cord is too short and the fan it’s self is too wide and tall. So I decided that I just don’t care anymore and so I am not going to worry that things don’t get fixed or fix it’s self. All I can hope for is that it gets worse and then the landlady will have to spend the money to fix things. And she will have to get a professional who will charge big dollars.
I wonder how bad things have to get before I get evicted?
I am starting to think that because I have been getting more headaches on more days that it’s from the mold in the bathroom. But for right now I can take my prescription and that works for the time being. But I use to not get so many headaches and this worries me.
I figured out that I have paid something like 109.000 dollars in rent and all I got was used things or free things and it’s no wonder they are starting to not work right. The oven seems to be not the right temperature and seems like 25 degrees lower then what it should be and the fridge gets too cold and my eggs freeze also the milk goes bad sometimes before the due date and it seems that things get a science experiment way too fast.
But the kicker is that now the land lady is telling me to conserve on hot water and heat. Like she wanted me to not use the drying cycle on my dishwasher and to use nothing but cold water for my laundry. But my dishwasher does not have that option because it is very old and I am not allowed to do a clean tub for my washer to make sure it doesn’t get moldy and the pipes stay clear. I am not even sure if I can use bleach for my whites anymore. And I am not sure if cold water really cleans the white clothing I have. But the one thing I will not stop doing is to sanitize some things I have because I think that way they are much cleaner. And I think the heat for this place will be at 68 instead of 70 like I am use to it being. And this is all because the electric and gas have gone up 50%. But I have told her that maybe hubby and I should be paying some of the electricity but she says no. I think it’s a control thing.
But the thing I don’t get is that the land lady has an air conditioner in her bedroom and that might be the cause of some of the cost for the electricity. And because of the way the air flow works here I can’t have the windows open when the heat is on. But then when the smoke detector goes off I do open the patio door but never for long.
And she also lets us use her WIFI and internet but it’s really crappy because she won’t get a good company and I have no access to the account because it’s in her name. I have asked if I could and she has said no so if she is on holidays and something goes wrong I have no way of fixing the issue. Actually I have no access to any of the services except my phone and cable tv.
I am starting to wonder if I got the short end of the stick? And as for cutting the lawn I a just don’t care and I am not going to do it just because she says it’s too long. I have always figured that when I rent a place it’s up to the landlord or owner to cut the grass. But then there is nothing but weeds so I don’t see why I should and I have asked her to get someone to come and get rid of the weeds but she says no and it’s up to me to do it. Well I am not going to do that because I can’t afford it.
And she has this pile of wood which is on the side of a sidewalk that I use to get to my place and she won’t even clean it up and build something so it stays in one place so I have to be really careful when I am walking down the sidewalk so I don’t trip. But what worries me more is if someone is coming here for a delivery or something they could trip and really hurt themselves. I just wish she would get rid of all this wood because she hasn’t used it in her fire place since I have lived here.
All I want is for things to get fixed so I can enjoy my home and maybe get more modern stuff that has a warranty on it so when something does go wrong it can be fixed properly and right.
And we have been here 7 years and we have not has anything painted or anything professionally cleaned like the windows or the laundry room. There is still no walls it’s all that insulating crap and I have to get rid of the spider webs all the time. And there is a piece of cheap wood that is covering where the mold is and that needs to be replaced but then the landlady says it’s not going to get done because it’s not a big deal. But it looks like the mold is getting darker at the top of the wall.
And when things do break I get blamed for it but then before I moved here there was my mother in law and her youngest son and a lot of the damage was because of her and him. Like she is the one who wreaked the floor not me and the washer had to be replaced but that wasn’t my fault and I wasn’t even here but I still get blamed for it in a indirect way
The thing is when I do move move I tell the land lords just to keep the damage deposit because I am not cleaning anything.

Onto something else…

Well today I need to do some laundry because I need some clothes so I can go pick up my glasses some time this week. And I should also change the beds and have a shower with the hottest water I can stand. I just hate using the water in the bathroom because I know the mold will start to grow again and it smells horrible. But then if it does get worse then it will have to be fixed and I will get my new vanity.

And for dinner we are going to have chicken drum sticks roasted and zucchini and either potato or rice or noodles.

Well it’s that time where I need to stop…
Do have a great day…
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

Last updated September 20, 2022

Beret September 20, 2022

Why are you living there? It sounds unhealthy and dangerous.

Jodie Beret ⋅ September 20, 2022

Because the rent is something I can manage and she will fix things because she will have no choice.

Beret Jodie ⋅ September 20, 2022

But it sounds like she’s not fixing things. Like the mold.

Jodie Beret ⋅ September 20, 2022

I know, and she will be paying for this in the end.. because weather she evicts me or not she will have to fix this because it's the law.

Jodie Beret ⋅ September 20, 2022

I know, and she will be paying for this in the end.. because weather she evicts me or not she will have to fix this because it's the law.

Anaiss September 20, 2022

There must be a housing authority or some way you can get assistance to get into a better place. I know you research a lot of things on line so maybe this is something you've already researched but if not, I'd encourage you to do so.

Jodie Anaiss ⋅ September 20, 2022

The thing with the kind of housing I need I need to be at least 65 and the other one I need to have a child under 19 which I don't anymore. But if it comes down to it I will move and the next time it will most likely be a two bedroom apartment.

theKat September 21, 2022

omg I bet the mold is going you a headache!

Jodie theKat ⋅ September 21, 2022

The only thing I can hope for is that the health department comes and forces her to fix it all....

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