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  • Sept. 19, 2022, 12:22 p.m.
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Has been going on I don’t even know where to start.

Bob and I have gone to nyc twice——once just to walk around and scout out restaurants we want to try when we go up on future excursions and the second time to see moulin rouge. The play was enjoyable altho I would have preferred more of the prelude and intermission music as opposed to the pop tunes in the play but it was good. After the play we ate at a French restaurant, Chez Josephine which was very good, there was a piano player and singer who sang, of course, French tunes. Bob is a Cleveland Browns fan and there is a bar up there that is a browns bar that he likes to go to see a game so we will be doing that sometime(s) soon. The city is only about an hour and 15 minutes drive from our area and the drive isn’t that bad.

Poor Otis started having seizures. The first time he had one I thought something had come in from outside and he was playing with it as it was at night and I keep the balcony door open because myles likes to sleep out there. Otis had another seizure a couple of nights later and then it seemed like every night but only at night. Anyway took him to an emergency vet and after several hours staying there with him, they were going to send him home when he had a seizure. They kept him overnight and his blood work and X-ray didn’t show anything. He is home now and on anti seizure medication and seems fine. He is 13 so we shall see what happens. He is (and even when he was having the seizures) still his naughty, defiant self, i.e., jumping on the counters, picking at you for rubs and then moving away from you or nipping at you when you pet him😸😸😸.

Have been watching Princess A for my daughter about once or twice a week after working at the courthouse and still get my son’s munchkins one day after school on my day off.

Princess L got married! She and her husband are very young, 19 and 18 but Princess L has strong morals and didn’t want to do anything wrong. They just got married by a MDJ but plan a more “wedding” next June. They’re a cute couple and have been going together for a couple of years so I hope they make it.

This coming weekend my nephew gets married Friday and then Saturday the assisted living place has an employee picnic. As you can see, things have been very busy, I need a vacation!

Morticia September 19, 2022

I hope Otis gets better

ConnieK September 19, 2022

Best wishes to Princess L! I hope the seizure meds help Otis. It ain't easy getting old.

Jinn September 19, 2022

Sending healing thoughts to Otis!
You are busy :-) but it’s good things !

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