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In the next American federal election who do you really think will be president? Do you really think there are enough states that would vote for trump like they did in 2022? But then he still lost so maybe the answer is no.
I just found the list of wanna be presidents is there anyone you would vote for or will you go independent?

Here is the list I found.


I know we are having a city election and we will be voting for the mayors of each city and the one for my city I think he is way too old and not very bright when it comes to spending our tax dollars. And not once did he have any referendum to ask us what we want for the city. And everything that is going to happen is going to take even more years to be up and running and the amount of money it will cost will put us in the Red and then we will have higher taxes and higher everything else. And soon we will be having a federal election and I am getting really tired of Trudeau. I think he has spent way too much money and has forgotten that we can not afford any more then what we have.
This is what Canada’s inflation is looking like right now....


I wonder how long it will be before the whole country will be using the food bank because no one will be able to afford the grocery store?

This is what I found the whys for America.


And this is the reason of the why’s for Canada....


I think it’s the whole world to blame for this inflation because it’s the people who asked for and got the help they needed when Covid hit. And since then more and more people have stopped working so there isn’t enough staff to do the job of making sure we have everything we want and need. And if we can find what we want and need we will be paying the higher cost for the exact same thing that is the lower price. I saw that last night when I went to Amazon to buy a fan. I had saw one at another store for $40.00 less but those ones are all sold out and no more will be coming in till next year. But the sad thing is people are still buying what they need and want so the prices will continue to go up. It’s the supply and demand kind of thing that takes place.

Onto something else…

Last night for dinner we had pork chops and they were not very good. Hubby said they were just the way he liked them but I found them a bit dry. Tonight’s dinner is going to be boxed fish and frozen French fries and so sort of vegetable.

Onto something else…

Well today isn’t going to be all that great.. not much is happening so it will be nice and quiet.
So, I will stop here and get on with my day…
Do have a great day....
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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