Sittin' Downtown in a Railway Station... in Pictures

  • Aug. 24, 2022, 12:30 p.m.
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Last Saturday I wrote about how there were plenty of street festivals going on around the city, but because it rained all day I stayed in Saturday and went out Sunday instead.

When I woke up Sunday morning the forecast was only calling for a 2% chance of rain so I walked out my door without an umbrella. 98% chance of not getting rained on, right? Well, as soon as my train hit downtown it started pouring.

I checked the weather radar on my phone and this was just a very small group of rain clouds and looked like it would pass quickly. So when I got off at my station I just hung out at the train station for about 15 minutes waiting for the rain to stop. And while I was just hanging around the train station waiting I took some pictures.

When you live in a really major city and enjoy photographing your city, it’s hard to ever get bored.

So this is what happens when you leave me unattended at a train station for 15 minutes. I took these.







ConnieK August 24, 2022

Can you imagine the eternal noise the tenants must live with in the surrounding buildings?

Ferret Mom ConnieK ⋅ August 24, 2022

You get so used to the sound of the CTA trains you don't notice. The eternal noise downtown is really all the nonstop traffic and horns and sirens. Always with the sirens downtown. One time, years ago, I spent the night downtown and I was like, "How does anyone sleep if they live here?"

And that single building framing the street light (second to last picture) is actually a prison.

sudare August 27, 2022

Lovely pictures. It’s a windfall time to take those.

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