Headaches Do Hurt in Help Me Please

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  • June 9, 2022, 2 a.m.
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No matter how small they are. But the bigger they are the worst the pain is.
This is day two for me waking up with a headache.
I think I know the two reasons why I have this issue…


and this reason also…


If it’s one of my medications I sure would like to know which one. I think it’s a question for a doctor to answer when I go to see him, but after he takes the wax out of my ears. But the pills I have for my headaches works really well but the down side it takes about two hours or so for the headache to be gone. And I know it’s going to be gone because the pain moves from one side of my forehead to the other and then is gone. I am not sure why I have this but it’s been a life long thing for me.

Onto something else…

I just got a thought. Yes I get these every once in a while and sometimes they are even good ideas. Tell me what you think?
What if you read someone’s entry but don’t have anything to say? you think you could just type in your id so the person knows you read them? And the chances of them reading you would be much better. Or would you ask the administrator guy (Josh) if he could add that feature here? I think OD has that but I don’t know any more seeing’s I am not there.

Onto something else…

Dinner was not too bad last night and there are some left overs so hubby will have that on Friday. And to nights dinner I am thinking pork chops and some sort of noodles and maybe a fresh vegetable like Zucchini with parmesan chees.

Onto something else…
I did do some laundry yesterday so there is not much left just basically one load and a partial load but they can wait till the next time I do laundry. And one of these days I am going to be making cookies but not chocolate chip. I am thinking ginger cookies and peanut butter cookies with peanut butter chips in them. And maybe a cake not sure what kind though.
I am thinking I should maybe make something before my son comes on the weekend. I think Sunday is the day he will be here. Hubby wants to know what time so I will need to ask him again.
And as far as hearing anything about his friend he hasn’t and the sister doesn’t know much either. I found out he has been really depressed so that makes me worry even more. I am starting to think that he will never be coming back because I am having trouble imaging that no one has seen him anywhere and that worries me. And he hasn’t called anyone because his phone has no power. But then there are others who have phones and then the old fashioned pay phones but I am thinking that he did something to himself and it will take years before the police or the CSI find him, and then that will be really upsetting for his friends and family.
I think I watch too many crime shows and murder shows but I just hope he is okay and just taking a break from life and will turn up soon.

Onto something else…

Well I need to stop here…
Do have a great day....
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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