The Quitclaim Deed and Its Diverse Applications in Quitclaim Deed

  • May 12, 2022, 3:01 a.m.
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Every once in a while, people feel the need to buy or sell properties and for that they need to use a legal document. If you are living in Kentucky and you need to do property dealing, it is important that you get a quit claim deed form that will help you to carry on the transaction as per your needs. The quit claim deed is actually a type of document that you can use to illustrate and legally declare the conveyance of some real estate property so that it can be handed over from one person to another. By using this quit claim deed form, it is possible for one person to transfer the rights of ownership of the property to another person. A grantor in this transaction is a person who is interested to transfer the property rights to another individual. The grantee is the person to whom the property rights are transferred.
Features and user cases associated with the quitclaim deed

Using a quitclaim deed in Kentucky allows a person to transfer the property rights to another person quickly without much difficulty. One of the main benefits of using this document or form is that it does not involve many of the other mandatory rules and complications associated with the other types of real estate property related legal documents. Nevertheless, the quitclaim deed does come with its own fair share of limitations which means that it is not suitable for all kinds of property dealings. The quitclaim deed does not offer any warranties when it comes to the title of the property. In other words, the quitclaim deed cannot offer assurances that the title of the property is free of encumbrances and liens. It also does not guarantee that the grantor is the real owner of the said property. This is why the quitclaim deed is essentially used among family members who know each other for a long time.
Obtaining the quitclaim deed form for free

When you are looking to get divorced, split an estate or transfer the ownership of the property to a trust, you may want to use the quitclaim deed. There are now many online sites that can let you print, collect or download the quitclaim deed for free.

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