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  • Feb. 28, 2022, 7:26 a.m.
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I am still here and so much has happened these past almost six months.

Health is good, have a cat scan for the middle of March and hopefully it will come back that all is good. My hair is coming back, do not like the texture as it is very curly and coarse but it is coming back. It also came in very salt and pepper and while many people said it looked great, that look is not for me. I went to a reddish shade and I love it.

A very close friend of mine contracted COVID the beginning of December and sadly passed away. She had other odd health issues and had in fact contracted COVID back in March of 2020. She had a zest for life and touched so many lives, I felt honored to be called her friend.

Jeff finally served me with divorce papers and it is bittersweet.

I have come “alive”. It started mid November when my son and DIL went to NY city to see a play and I felt a spark that I wanted to do that. Next I was at work and felt a spark that I really liked my job (courthouse job) and I began to play the piano again.

I have much to catch up here and so I shall stop for now.

SilentEcho February 28, 2022

I can't wait for your next update!!
I'm sorry to hear about your friend.

ConnieK February 28, 2022

So sad about your friend. I'm glad your life paths crossed, even if only for a short while. As for Mr. Jeff, his loss.
I'd rather turn my attention to YOUR good news! I am so happy to hear of your progress and YES! get to Broadway as soon as you can.
Good to have you back. :)

Jinn March 01, 2022

I am sorry about the loss of your friend .
So glad you are doing well health wise and feeling good . ❤️

Jeepsy19 March 06, 2022

So sorry for the loss of your friend. Sounds like you have some memories of a very dear person in your life. Hang on to those.
So very, very happy to see your entry and am anxiously awaiting more updates because I am REALLY loving this "trailer". ;) Sending hugs!

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