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  • June 1, 2014, 4:51 a.m.
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I have a friend. I really have nothing in common with this friend. There are two things stopping me from dropping her Facebook friendship. Firstly. Not wanting her to be upset if she notices and... well the second reason shows that I can be a real meany poo.

sigh but maybe some back story would help. Although this will end up as a bitch fest, unfortunately. And then I feel bad because it's just that I don't agree with most of her lifestyle choices. It's just that her life is sooooo materialistic. And image means sooooooo much to her. I'll give you an example. Everything is shabby chic, and not just any shabby chic but Catherine Kidston shabby chic. A few years ago I showed her a quilt pattern saying that I knew she'd love it because of its style. She 'hmmmmmmmd' and within half an hour had put on Facebook "some people just don't know the difference between vintage and shabby chic". Of course, I don't know 100% that it was aimed at me but it may well have been.

I used to look after her daughter, and I have to be careful now because some people here will know who she is because of Facebook, however, her daughter is about to turn 4, I looked after her until about a year ago. She's an amazing kid with great potential but something strange happened on pinterest recently. Another bit of back story. I keep having to stop following the friend's pintrest boards because she floods them with a gazillion and one twee things that she cannot live without - well, I use pintrest for recipes, craft ideas for me and the kids, stuff like that, and if I have to wade through all her Disney crap I'll probably miss something fab. So, the strange thing that happened. A new board appeared that seemed quite random, all sorts of things started appearing, hair styles, toys, clothes. Far too random for this friend. I then discovered that she had started a board for her (then) three year old daughter to pin stuff to, this is all stuff that she wants (and expects) her mum to buy her/make for her.

I do think it's sad to breed that materialism into her.

Anyway, why is the other reason I want to remain Facebook friends with her? Well, they've booked a three week holiday to Disney in Florida next year. They're taking all three of their kids out of school for this holiday. Two of the three weeks are school weeks, the middle week is a school holiday and, in the UK, if you take your kid out of school without a valid reason you get charged £60 per child, per parent, per absence. At the moment that means they will be fined for the first week and the last week. So, that makes £720. I asked her, a few months ago, if she'd budgeted the fine in to the cost of the holiday.

"Because out school is an academy they have more freedom and have given us permission for the time off." She replied.

But I think she's wrong. The fines aren't from the schools, they're from the government. I know another family who were given permission by the school to take their daughter out for a week a year ago but they received a fine from the government for £120!

So, the reason I don't want to stop being her friend on Facebook is that I want, I really really really want to see that fine happen. Just because she's always so smug, so know-it-all and it would give me so much pleasure to see her being so wrong.

Please don't judge me for it ;-) heh heh heh.

Lis June 01, 2014

just hide her from your news feed and check in on her wall around the vacation ;) xx

ElvenAssassin Lis ⋅ June 02, 2014

This was going to be my suggestion!

~Twinkle~ June 01, 2014

I totally would do the same! X

thesunnyabyss June 01, 2014

I would definitely go with the hide her from your newfeed option, lol

have a good day!! hugs!!

Deleted user June 01, 2014

I didn't have idea you had to pay fines... It's a crazy money amount!

I also think to take her out of your newsfeed would be good - ojos que no ven, corazon que no siente! :)

I also am one of those who wants to know what it'll happen. Una lección a tiempo puede inculcarle un poco de humildad! :-*

edna million June 13, 2014

Hahahahahaha!!! I'd totally keep her on my friend's list, just for that. I'll admit to having FB friends just to watch their trainwrecks. Not very nice, but it is entertaining, especially if I don't much like them.

I love vintage, but what people seem to consider "shabby chic" just seems pretentious, since it isn't old but they try to act like it is. I'd be happy with everything I own being, like, 100 years old. Well, other than the electronics.

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