Getting to Know Me Survey in Flying High and Avoiding the Potholes of Life

  • Jan. 14, 2022, 5:14 p.m.
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Full name: Samantha Joe Hunter

Nicknames: Sam, Sammy, Sammy Joe, Sambuca

Birthday: July 2, 1974

Where were you born? Scarborough, Canada.

Zodiac sign: Cancer with Sagittarius ascendant and moon, Venus in Gemini and Mars in Leo.

Height: too fucking short. 5’.


Hair color: Dark auburn. I’m a natural redhead.

Eye color: Green-grey

Shoe size: 8.

Highest level or current level of school: Grade 11.

Siblings: Marie and John (deceased), and adopted sisters Bees and Julie.

Tattoos: I want this one.

Piercings: Nope.

Hobbies: photography, gaming, hanging out with my girls, reading, sleeping, eating copius amounts of junk food…


Color: #9370DB

Food: pizza and LOTS of it

Candy: I am a diabetic.

Type of cheese: Mozzarella

Pizza topping: black and green olives, bacon, double cheese, pineapple (YES!)

Salad dressing: Caesar or creamy avocado

Sandwich: grilled cheese or tuna

Cereal: regular cheerios

Fruit: banana or raspberry

Vegetable: potato

Berry: raspberry

Cake: tiramisu

Book: Stephen King’s IT and Catcher in the Rye.

Movie: Stand By Me, Superbad…

Magazine: Toronto Life

Newspaper: NOW

TV Show: The X-Files, Bates Motel, Bones,

Website: Way back when it was CEA but now sadly I don’t have a fave?

Radio station: Boom 97.3 Toronto

Cartoon character: Daffy Duck

Album: What’s the Story Morning Glory by Oasis

Day of the week: Saturday

Month: April – my unbirthday is April 1st.

Season: winter ducks flying objects Fine! Autumn!!!

Holiday: Samhain or Hanukkah.

Shampoo: It was Timotei but idk?

Conditioner: Fructis? Idk??

Weather: snowy or thunderstorms…

Restaurant: Toby’s Good Eats. Their mac n cheese is to die for.

Weekend activity: sleeping????

Sport to watch: American football or hockey.

Sport to play: baseball

Animal: ghost tiger and rabbits

Flower: bleeding hearts

Board game: Clue

Have You Ever

Been on a train? Nope.

Been on a plane? LOL yes. Hated it. The ascent and descent was enough to put my stomach in my throat.

Been in a car accident? Twice.

Caused a car accident? Yes.

Walked into a wall? Too many times.

Burned a potato chip? You mean a fry? Nope.

Smoked? Yes. JPS Special.

Been drunk? Oh yes. 😝

Gotten engaged? Yes

Had an online relationship? Yes

Made yourself cry to get out of trouble? Nope.

Cried in public? Yes

Cried over a movie? Titanic anyone???

Fallen asleep in a movie theater? I was sick with the flu… I had an excuse lol

Been to a boarding school? Nope.

Been home-schooled? Nope.

Lost a valuable item? Yes, unfortunately.

Gotten a cavity? TOO FUCKING MANY!

Got a tooth pulled? Yupp.

Made a prank call? Yes. It was fun.

Faked sick to get out of school? Yes.

Climbed a tree? Nope.

Fallen from a tree? Obv. not.

Broken a bone? Yepp

Sprained anything? Yes.


Song you heard: Constant Cravings by k.d. lang

Album you bought: I downloaded this:

Time you cried: Tuesday over a fight with Mom

Movie seen in the theater: Ha ha right.

Thing you ate: quiche with Greek salad

Nail polish worn: … my nails are bare but I want a French mani/pedi.

At This Moment

What are you listening to? Ke$ha

What are you wearing? a shirt that my adopted brother gave me, sweats and that’s all.

What are you thinking? I hope I get the 3DS soon…

What are you most scared of? Losing Bees


Occupation: I was an actor for a bit but and also a daycare worker too…

Marriage site: Greg and I were going to do it at City Hall…

Honeymoon: Nope.

Place to live: Somewhere nice, not too hot, not too cold?

Kids: yes.

Car: no.

What are you doing tomorrow? Computer maintenance.

Will politics ever be truthful? Nope.

This or That

Coke/Pepsi: Pepsi

Sprite/7-up: Mello Yello

Gold/Silver: Silver

Vanilla/Chocolate: Vanilla

Flowers/Candy: Neither. I am allergic and a diabetic

Colored Pencils/Markers: Markers, the ones that have a scent.

Coffee/Tea: Tea.

Sun/Moon: Moon

Hot/Cold: Cold

Blue/Purple: Purple

First Thing You Think of When You Hear

Yellow: urine

Red Lipstick:

Socks: not enough that match LOL

Red: blood

Rooster: Goldshaw farm.

Taxes: death (both inevitable)

Whipped cream: naked people

Lollipops: nope

Dairy: milk

Your father: 💗

Pizza: 😁

Are You

Happy? Yepp.

Sad? Nope.

Religious? Nope

Messy? I can be.

Slacker? Nope.

Selfish? I can be.

Untrustworthy? Yes. Sadly.

Loyal? Yesss…


What color is your jacket? Red

Do you shave? Nope.

Is cussing a necessity in life? Abso-fucking-lutely.

How about coffee? Nope.

Can you live without a microwave? Nope.

What is wrong with your school? EVERYTHING!!! I hated school.

What is right with you school? Nothing. 😑

Do you talk to yourself? All the time. Sometimes I answer back! #schizophrenic

Can you afford to lose weight? Yes.

What color would you dye your hair? Purple.

What would you change your name to? Isabella Grace,

Time Finished: 6:14p

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