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19.  What can you remember as your first adult achievement?

Ahh, first adult achievements. The thing that springs to mind is the day I realised I couldn’t just call my mum to help and that I needed to sort the issue out myself. It was the day after my 21st birthday and my mum and dad had got home from holiday late the night before.

However, cleaning up cat wee isn’t an achievement.

What is an adult achievement?

Let me ruminate and leave this on draft….

Rumination done. It feels like a second to you but was, in fact, 15 hours!

So, I did a lot of allegedly grown up things in my early 20s eg getting married, buying a house, getting divorced, moving to a different country/continent and back again etc but all of those things were done with the reliance on another person or company. Even when I first moved to London I stayed with my sister.

So, aged 26 1/2 I moved out of my sister’s house and into a shared house in which I paid rent and bills for my room. I had a car and my own home phone line (which doubled up as my Internet connection). I cycled to work and bought my own groceries. That was the first properly adult thing I did because I did it totally independently.

I feel it’s also very adult to dedicatedly paint the phucking Phungus killer on those toes every night for 8 months and counting!!!

thesunnyabyss November 19, 2021

Your dedication to Phil is very mature, lol!!!

Jinn November 19, 2021


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