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The days where we actually memorized our friends and relatives phone numbers and had an address book and an actual phone book?
How the hell did we memorize all those phone numbers? Now a days we have phones that have an address book and we use that so there is no need to remember anything.
I went to book an appointment for a blood test and the place I like to go isn’t taking any appointments so I booked at a different place. And today I have to call the 1-800 number to ask why there are no appointments at this place or if there is a glitch with their site. You would think that there was a chat thing so you can actually talk to someone about needed appointment so you don’t have to have the hassle of setting up an account.
here is a question for you? Do you still remember your childhood phone number? And does your parents still use the same one as when you were living with them? My parents still have the same phone number and it’s been about 50 years so far.
Whenever I move I like to change my phone number because then everything is just new and I don’t mind starting over.
With all of this smart technology I am starting to wonder if I am really that smart or is someone up there forcing me to be smart like them? I really don’t like how everything you own can be hooked up to one thing and when something goes wrong they all don’t work. like when the power goes out the WIFI stops working and you have no phones unless you still have a rotary phone or the old fashioned phone. And I am guessing that typewriters are now a thing of the past? I use to have a manual typewriter that my grandfather gave me to do my school projects then my brother got an electric one that I used, I miss those days. I think the only thing that really hasn’t changed it’s technology is the oven and the stove and maybe the toaster.
I can only imagine what “stuff” will look like in another 20 years. I hope it’s not too different then what it is now.

Onto something else....

I found out that B.C. is not going to be changing it’s mandates like the wearing of masks and the one other family for visitations and weddings and funerals till our numbers go down and no one dies so it could be another year at this rate. I just wish people would get the vaccine so life can be what it once was and we can have the whole family over to celebrate. I miss those days....sort of. I really miss going to restaurants and actually sitting down to eat and being served and eating something different. And I am getting really tired of wearing my mask because of those few ignorant people who think they are more important then me or anyone else. I call that being selfish. I do understand the freedom of choice for yourself but when others are involved directly or indirectly then it is not just you it’s those others also and they have the same rights as you have right? So why would you want them to get sick and maybe die because of your choice? I figure if you don’t want the vaccines then you have to be alone and not to be with anyone especially those who have medical issues because their health is in jeopardy.
I heard that if you do have the Covid vaccine and the flu shot you won’t get as sick as those who don’t and the chances of you recovering without any long term issues is almost 100% so why wouldn’t you get the vaccines? And evidently this Delta Plus is wreaking havoc on everyone who gets it and they are getting sicker. And the chances of dying is far greater.

Onto something else....

Well, I have managed to play catch up with the laundry and I only have two more loads to do so that is a first and by this weekend there won’t be enough for a full load so that will be good.
And dinner tonight will be chicken drumsticks again and maybe zucchini and rice. Or maybe noodles with tomatoes mixed in.
And other then doing the same old stuff there is not much else to be done so it’s going to be a quiet day just like the other days before this one.

I will stop here....Brain has stopped working so I need more coffee.
Do have a great day....
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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