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it looks like we will be getting our booster six months after we got our last dose of Covid 19 so I should be getting mine in January so that will be good. And it looks like the 5 to 11 year old children will be getting theirs by at least November if all goes well with the CDC here in Canada.
And we have even more passports we need to show if we are going to travel or go to other provinces but I am not going to go so I don’t need one.
And it looks like the mask mandate is a lot stricter now because all restaurants require you wear them before ordering and to show proof of vaccines and there has already been at least one restaurant that was closed down and the government won the court case so until this place shows a plan of how they will operate they are closed and not allowed to serve food or even open their doors or they will go to jail and also the customers will also go to jail.

here is something I have been thinking about and it does make sense. Why is it we don’t disobey the laws of the land like wearing seat belts, no smoking in some places and no speeding in a school zone? Why do we follow these rules and wear a seat belt and drive at the speed limit and we even got our vaccines before we started school. So why not get this vaccine and be safe so we can continue life the way it once was? And as of yesterday or the day before there were more then 4000 medical care workers who have been put on administrative leave without pay until they get at least one Covid vaccine and can prove it so now we have a shortage of nurses but the government has a plan to continue on.
I can understand why some professions are forced to get this vaccine but they just don’t see it. If your job requires you to be with others then you need to have this vaccine so they won’t get sick and end up in the ICU. How would you feel knowing you didn’t get the Covid vaccine and someone you were looking after got Covid and ended up dying? how would you feel then? Then you would be called a murderer. I have no sympathy for those who won’t get vaccinated and I do hope they get their just deserts sooner rather then later and I also hope they have life long post Covid issues. But by the time that happens it will be too late to get the vaccine and have it fix those issues.
I heard that if you don’t get the Covid vaccination then the chances of you having an early death is much greater especially if you have heart issues or lung issues or kidney issues.
here is something for you to think about? What if something in history happened like “Tank man” how do you know he is real if you don’t know whatever happened to him? is he dead? or is he still living? It’s sort of the same with vaccines all you know is they work and save lives and very few people will die and you really have no idea what is in them or how they will work. But then that is what the scientist are suppose to figure out and you need to trust them.
And they are saying that everyone needs to get the flu shot this year because so many of the symptoms mask the same symptoms as Covid and the variants and it will give us that much more protection.

Onto something else....

Did you hear about the two young men who saves two other men from drowning? This is what went around the world.....


Onto something else....

Dinner tonight is going to be pork chops or steak not sure which one. And I am thinking about making my shopping list for Friday and maybe get some of hubby’s holiday gifts.

Onto something else....
It looks like my son will be coming for dinner on Sunday which will be nice and then I can measure his chest for that shirt I want to get him and maybe give him some container surprises. I have stopped using tinfoil because it’s really hard to tell what it is and how old it is but with a container I usually label it and sort of know how long it’s been in the freezer.

Well this is it for me today....I need to stop here so I will.

Please have a great day....
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe, and Behave.

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toddslife October 27, 2021

i got my proof of vaccine paper laminated at the library last week

theKat October 31, 2021

got my booster a month or so ago

Jodie theKat ⋅ November 01, 2021

They are now talking about an ongoing booster like the flu shot. I can't get mine till January 2022.

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