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Have you ever noticed that once it gets dark the birds are not flying around anymore? I wonder if it’s because they can’t see where they are going or can’t see their food on the ground or is it because they need to sleep? And do they always go where their home is?

This is what I found. it’s interesting and I did learn something.

Onto something else....

Well hubby and I got our flu shot so we are good till we can get the booster, if we qualify. Hubby’s arm was achy a short time after we got home and my arm is achy today so it will be a matter of days before it goes away. But I don’t think anything worse will happen. And we got some groceries, mostly meat because it was on sale. And the brown paper steaks we were going to get didn’t look all that great and there wasn’t much of a choice so we just got regular steaks that were just as good. So now I have a full sink of dishes to do and maybe the dishwasher will have to go on today so that is something to do and I should also do some laundry. And then dinner I am thinking chicken. It seems like we eat a lot of chicken because it’s the thing that is the cheapest and always on sale. I wonder if I will ever turn into a chicken? You think chickens have weight issues? or do you think they really care? Well it seems like it’s up to the person who is looking after these chickens to make sure they don’t gain weight or loose weight.

This is what I found.

Onto something else....

I have started my holiday shopping for the gifts I am going to be giving people. My parents never want anything because they have everything and if they do want something they have the money to get it themselves. And my list so far is at but hubby wants me to write it on paper so I will do that.
There never really is all that much that I want and I figure if I do want it bad enough I should get it myself but there are some thing that I probably wouldn’t buy because I really don’t need it.
I got my book the other day and yes I have started reading it but I have only read the forward so far. it looks like an interesting book and I do want to finish it so in the next few weeks I will be reading more of it. I wonder if the best place to read is in the bathroom? Where is your favorite place to read your books? I am not much of a reader I am more of a watcher like movies and tv shows. I have always been like that. I think it’s because it takes less time to watch a tv show or a movie then it does to read a book. But I know a lot of people who would much rather read then do anything else. I wonder how old is too old to be reading? Because I should really start reading like I use to way back in my teen years.

Onto something else....
I heard on the news that people need to start their holiday shopping now because the things they want might not be in stock and won’t be able to get to them before the holidays so if you can get it now do that or there won’t be much gift giving. Like my son’s gift I can order it in November but I won’t get it till just before his birthday which is in march but that is okay because he is getting something else he wants. But a lot of people can’t do that so I am not sure how aggravated or frustrated people are going to be getting. I wonder what the men’s thought is on this early shopping? or are they going to wait till the last second or the day before or the same day like they usually do?
I have been telling hubby he needs to get his holiday shopping done sooner rather then later but I am not sure he is listening to me.

Well I think I should probably stop now because I am running out of stuff to say....

Do have a great day.....
Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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nice bird info

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