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ONESOFTDIGM Co., Ltd.’s first product, a light portable body composition analyzer, “ONESMARTDIET” was marketed in 2015 for the first time. In the following years, ONESOFTDIGM has introduced its high-end product, “Fitrus Plus” in the emerging global healthcare market.

Quoted by a British physician, Thomas Fuller M.D., “The health is not valued till the sickness comes.” Majority of people underestimate the importance of health until they lose it and being healthy does not simply mean the absence of sickness.That is the reason why ONE SMARTDIET and Fitrus Plus are developed for. They are exquisitely designed and built for everyone regardless of gender or age.The devices can measure the body composition and accumulate related data to manage and increase the users’ health.

ONESOFTDIGM has been one of those pioneers in the mobile healthcare market and has been making great efforts to become a digital therapeutics development company. To find a better way of targeting and reducing the burgeoning obesity problem in the modern world, ONESOFTDIGM’s been concentrating on developing various innovative digital health management methods such as an exercise therapy online lecture service and a cloud-based body composition analysis.

Body Composition Check Solution of Fitrus

Everyone needs to know Body Fat Level such as weight, body fat rate, blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels within safe range to protect oneself from various adult diseases.

The Fitrus care solution will help you to have all the details about the body compositions like Body Fat Percentage (BFP), Body Fat Mass (BFM), Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM), Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), and Body Mass Index (BMI). Some people have same weight & BMI, but the body composition will not be same. For this reason, everyone should first check body composition to take care of health.

Also, even if different people’s body may look similar,in most cases,the body compositions are actually different for each people. In Fitrus check, the Somatotype Chart determines the body type based on body fat, skeletal muscle and BMI. Fitrus care solution will guide everyone to build the healthiest and the most beautiful body everyone has ever wanted.

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