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  • Oct. 24, 2021, 2 a.m.
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I have been reading that Weight Watchers is going to be changing again and the colors are going to be a thing of the past. I am not sure about anything else about the program and I won’t find out till November. So I am wondering all kinds of things and the questions I am asking are not getting answered because it will give the new program away so I am stuck waiting and wondering.
But then waiting for almost everything is scary and there is nothing we can do except hope that it will turn out to be a good thing for us. Like that hip replacement or that new kidney or heart or lungs and another thing that we are all waiting to do is to die because when we are born we are going to die we just don’t know when or how.
It would be really cool if we knew exactly when everything in our life was going to happen so we can make the appropriate plans for them and no one would be left in shock.
But then there are situations that when they do come it’s a good thing like a surprise birthday party or a winning of the lottery or your dream vacation. So maybe knowing is a good thing all around and we over react when get our brains into a tizzy going over all the what ifs and then we won’t enjoy the end result like we should?

Onto something else....

So it looks like the children who are ages 5 to 11 will be getting their vaccinations for Covid which is good. Here in Canada they are doing the trials on the children now and it looks like in a matter of time it will be going to all the children so that will be good. And I have a feeling that these vaccines will be mandated by the school boards so that will be a good thing too.

The thing I don’t understand is why there are still so many people getting sick and ending up in the hospital for this Covid and it’s variants when there is a vaccine that will eradicate this and then life would be what some of us call “normal” And the more people I see on the news who are in the ICU their husbands and families are begging people to get vaccinated and the sad thing is that some of these people are either pregnant or have small children and if they die then what will happen to the children? Especially if they are single parents?
There is no room here in this world for stupid people anymore. We all know the science weather we believe it or not it’s still a fact that this vaccine works.
I know I could still get Covid but at least I will be at home suffering and that is a whole lot better then being in a place where I could have a ventilator shoved down my throat and never be the same again.
How does that saying go? A stupid is as a stupid does and these people will never see the light.
Here is a question for you? if you were an anti vaxers and one of your family members were in the hospital in the ICU would you get vaccinated? And would you beg others to get their vaccines? How many more people have to die because they won’t listen to the science?

Onto something else....
Tonight’s dinner is going to be sweet and sour pork only because I have everything for it and it’s a one dish meal except for the rice.
It’s time for me to start my day so please have a great day and Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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