34 Pounds Gone in Help Me Please

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  • Oct. 23, 2021, 2 a.m.
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I can get use to this weight loss thing and it’s like I don’t even think about it anymore because I eat what I want and I stop eating when I feel comfortable. But the one thing I need to do a lot more is drink more clear water and maybe not so much coffee? I am thinking something like 8 cups a coffee in a day is a bit much? Or is it? But then it shouldn’t matter what we drink as long as there is no sugar in it right? it’s the sugar that makes us want more and more right?
So far I think the reason why I have lost so much is because I am not eating any added sugar or salt or processed foods like spam. And if I do try to eat any of these I don’t feel so good after eating it because the chemicals in them react to my body and I don’ like that and I start to feel tired.
It seems to look like every other week I am losing more then 2 pounds and I am not sure why because I eat about the same amount everyday except for Fridays where I don’t eat anything. And maybe also it’s got to do a lot with my mind set and how I am thinking about food.

I am thinking that by the end of this year I should be basically at my goal weight and then after that I want to loose another 10 or 20 pounds and then I need to maintain my weight and this time I am defiantly not going to be eating a lot of sweets and salty things like I did before. And there is also that “Oh well there is always tomorrow to get back on the band wagon” because that is just another form of procrastination for me and that does not work. So this is is the way my life is going to be for the rest of my breathing days.

Onto something else....

it’s suppose to be wet and windy this weekend so hopefully when hubby and I go for our flu shot it isn’t so bad and we don’t have to wait long and I think hubby wants to get a hair cut also so it should be a fun day. I also think we are going to go look at some printers and see which one we might want. And then maybe we will do some more grocery shopping and then that will be it for the day.
I can maybe talk hubby into ordering something out like maybe Chinese or Italian then I don’t have to mess up my kitchen too bad.

Onto something else....
I need to go get dressed so I can go for my walk up the hill and then up hill to get home.
Do enjoy your day, Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe and Behave.

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